Be Good to your Immune System

Hi, I’m Dr. Branyon with New Hope Unlimited. Today I wanted to talk about a very important subject and sometimes I talk about it too much. But it’s worth talking about over and over. I will drive it home to you if I can. 

Our immune system is so very important. It is our first and our last defense for our health. Today’s time is, you know, it’s so changed from when our grandparents were living. The American Cancer Society actually put out a notice a few years ago that they did a study and only 2% to 3% of all cancers are hereditary. I look at medical records every day now, and I look at the family histories and I will agree— Nine out of 10 patients that we get, there is no known family history of cancer.

Well, if 2% to 3% of all cancer is hereditary, what about that 97% to 98% of cancers? Where are they coming from? Well, our environment, the foods we eat, they say the cell phone towers I could go on and on. And I do believe a lot of it’s true, I am not happy with the hormones that they put in the meat, you cannot play with hormones. And as we eat more meat that…it can be devastating. We’ll talk about all of that in another video. 

But I wanted just to say that, in today’s time, we have to work harder than ever to take care of that immune system. One way is definitely to eat as best you can— Organic as best you can. Sleep is so important. If you are not sleeping, please talk to your doctor. No one wants to be on drugs, or most of us don’t want to be on drugs. But sometimes, melatonin or some of the other herbs, or if that’s not working for you, go to your doctor, and you need to get a prescription. We’re not going to say that’s not bad. That’s not good, because sometimes you have to have it. And it’s because sleep is when your body can heal, your brain gets out of the way, you get out of the way, and you let your body heal during sleep. Sleep is very important.

That immune system is marvelous. It is amazing. Science has proven that all of our little white blood cell fighters are just amazing. I want to do another video real soon on the personalities of the cancer fighter or fighters that’s found in the white bloodstream. You know, you’ve got the dendritic cells, the natural killer cells, the cytotoxic cells, many, many fighters. And guess what? Those fighters have a personality of their own. It is exciting. And I love learning about the immune system in it and telling you about it. I think we all need to know more about what goes on within us. Because the more you know, the more you will understand how magnificent you are. And sometimes we’re not taught that because we don’t have the education. But those immune system cells that are the fighters for the cancer, that go in and eat up and fight for you. We should not take them lightly. They are amazing. Each one of them circulate into the bloodstream and they are working for you 24 hours a day. They do not sleep, they have one job. And they have this innate ability about themselves, whichever personality they are, because like I said, they all have different personalities. The dendritic cells are a little different from the natural killer cells, which are a little different from the cytotoxic cells. They’re amazing. But they have this one innate ability that they know the job they’ve got to do, and you are their master, they are working for you. And keeping our immune system up is very important in order to make them happy, and for them to know what to do and have a little more energy. I can’t wait to one day explain all the different cells that are fighting for you. And I hope to do that real soon. But take care of you. Your body has been very good to you all these years, it’s done what you wanted it to do, for the most part.

Now it’s time for you to be good to it, so that it can work. And you get out of the way. So it can work for you. But the first thing you’ve got to remember, you’ve got to nurture it, and love it. Love yourself. And sometimes that’s not easy. But just take care of yourself the best way you can. And through all these videos that I hope to do, I hope to explain a lot more to you and to give you more ammunition to help you to love yourself. It’s not always easy, we put up these block walls. But we need to drop those so that we can heal. Science has proven when you drop the drama when you get rid of the blocks, and you forgive others and just begin to love yourself for who you are, it’s amazing what can happen. I’m having to learn, this COVID virus thing has made me search myself. So a lot of the videos that I’m talking to you about, I’m learning and trying to do the best I can also. You know, in medical school, they taught us that sometimes when you’re studying for an exam, teach it. Teach yourself out loud. So sometimes when I talk to you, I’m talking to myself also. But be good to yourself, know you’ve got a powerful, amazing immune system.

And that’s why we in New Hope Unlimited do immunotherapies. We take that immune system, we expand upon your own DNA to help fight. Hope to see you real soon. Thank you for being with me and love you all!