An Introduction to my VLOG series


Hi!  I’m Dr. Branyon with New Hope Unlimited. I’ve been working around and with cancer patients for over 40 years. That’s become my life’s work and I love it. New Hope came into existence over 20 years ago. And lately, with the pandemic, I’ve had a lot of time to sit around and watch some youtube, watch the news, which isn’t really all the time very well to do. But I’ve noticed that people are broadcasting from home and they’re doing things from home, they’re changing the normal. So I got to thinking what can I do? There’s been so many people that have hurt, just hurt my heart because they’ve been trying to get to us and haven’t been able to. So, like I said I thought about what can I do?. I thought, well maybe I can get out of my comfort zone and try to do some videos and believe me, this is not easy because I don’t even like my picture taken usually. But I’m gonna give it a try and see what you think and see if you like it and if I should keep going with it.

But anyway, I thought I would do a series on subjects such as cancer prevention, how to keep the immune system up, things that we do at our clinic, diet, all sorts of things just whatever comes to mind and whatever you would like. It helps me also.

One thing is, I believe that the old paradigm of medicine is going away soon and there’s gonna be a new paradigm coming in. Hopefully, there won’t be as much greed and control, we do need good control though, but there’s a lot of wonderful treatments out there that just aren’t approved in the US. That’s not what I’m wanting to talk about right now, that just sometimes comes out.

But, I wanna, I want to explain that I love research, I love science, I like science, I don’t like too much, where were we, but a lot of science has not been determined and found yet. We live in a time that is exciting, wonderful, and new things are coming out every day. I hope to tell you about the studies that I read, that hopefully one day we’ll be able to do. I know at New Hope Unlimited, I get excited because we have done things that people tell us all the time, there’s no one else or anyone that can do it, but we have done it. I’m not trying to brag, I’m just trying to show you there is still a lot of science that is not readily available to us sometimes. And I think that education is everything, education is power.

So I want to give you some hope, not false hope, but I want to give you some hope in the education and hopefully the futuristic things of medicine to come. Thank you, I’ll do my best to serve you well. I’ll never give you anything other than science-based and if it’s something that I think could possibly just be my opinion, I will tell you it’s my opinion. Until I see you again tomorrow, have a wonderful day.