Skin benefits you can extract from Grapes

Skin benefits you can extract from Grapes
Grape seed oils have many uses and benefits in regards to skin care. Grape seed oils can be used as a moisturizer, antioxidant or exfoliant scrub.


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Grapes have been a household name ever since we could remember. The availability of these fruits can be traced as far back as Ancient Rome as a sign of wealth, in the form of wines. But these plum bundles have more to offer other than poetry and byproducts. From leaves to saps, grapes are also known to carry rich antioxidants, such as Proanthocyanidins, vitamin E and flavonoids, which our body can highly benefit from.

The Grape’s seed and its oil extract have long been touted as a “miracle cure” for health condition, like cancer, diabetes, hemorrhoids and rheumatoid arthritis to name a few. Although no therapeutic certification could support these claims, even so, the FDA approves of the use of grapes because of the undeniable nutrients it possess. Serious side effect was never reported or was never called out of anyone’s attention, so it’s safe use still remains credible.

Other than curing certain internal illness, grapes can also be a natural remedy for visible issues on the skin surface. You don’t really have to literally consume grapes to benefit from it.

We’ve come up with a list of universal derma dilemma that women (or men) are facing every day, and how grapes can aid in diminishing these consistent problems.

  1. Wrinkles

Wrinkles and fine lines are a natural part of the human aging process. Though you can’t stop this from happening, you can still slow down the train ride.

Grapes contain AHAs or Alpha Hydroxy Acids that can help peel dead skin cells from the face. Although most over the counter and dermatologist prescribed skin care products may also contain AHA, if you can get it cheaper and can avoid the other skin enhancing chemicals that comes along with it, then grapes would be your best choice.

Try it:  Put the grapes, seeds and all, in a food processor until it turns into a jelly mash. Apply the processed grapes like a face mask and rinse for about 20 minutes. You may not see the effects immediately, but as they say, “Perseverance is Key”.

  1. Dry skin

Vitamin E, in our body, is found assembled in the membranes of our skin cells; this helps lock moisture in your skin. Grape seed extracts are known to be rich in Vitamin E, that’s why aroma therapist practitioners admit to use these on their customer for an added skin-hydrating benefit. In addition, crushed grape seeds would make an ideal exfoliant, scrubbing your face skin with them may remove the dead skin cells on the surface area.

Try it: Grape seed oils are available at your local food stores. For skin massage, you can put a few drops of your favorite perfume to create your personal scented oil. And if you will use the crushed seeds as an exfoliant, all you have to do is scrub them gently on your skin surface to reveal the healthy skin underneath.

  1. Sun Burn and Sun damage

Study shows that grapes contain powerful antioxidant, such as Proanthocyanidins and Resveratrol. Grape seed extracts, together with the grape’s meat, have a sunscreen effect when applied to the skin before being exposed to UV light. This will reduce redness and damage to cells and can also fight cancer cells during sun exposure.

Try it: Apply your grape-seed extract or resveratrol containing serums before putting on your favorite sunscreen for greater effect.

  1. Dandruff

Pityorosporum ovale, or commonly known as P. ovale are the main cause of Dandruff. P.ovale is a yeast-like fungus that thrives on the massive amount of natural oils and sebum found on a human’s head. Normally, P. ovale would not cause any harmful effect on the body, but due to hormones, environment, and stress that also affects the natural oil and sebum of the body, this triggers the P.ovale to react as well, forming the whitish flakes we call dandruff.

Grape seed oil extract can boost the immune system on our scalps to keep the P.ovale from holding on to our head’s natural oil and sebum, and also replenish moisture on your hair.

Try it: You can mix the grape seed oil with your Vitamin-E-rich shampoo (remember to leave this on your hair for 2 minutes before rinsing), or put the oil in a spray bottle and sprit directly on your hair after having a shower (for 12 hours hair protection). Massaging the oil directly to your scalp will also help remove lice and its eggs.

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