Wise Flower Choices for Mom


It has long been known that there are therapeutic properties of certain flowers.  Wouldn’t it be great to gift your mom with flowers that have medicinal uses?  Even dried flowers or their essential oils are good choices.

The Angelic Herb is extremely fragrant and there are a number of medicinal uses including digestive disorders as well as coughs and colds.

Begonias can be used in different ways, such as soaking the flowers in hot water to eliminate headaches and rid the body of toxins.  Using the crushed flowers and leaves can help to relieve pain and heal sores or burns when rubbed directly on the skin.

Bellis Perennis is also known as the common daisy.  It does hold many medicinal properties.  Use it as an infusion, as a laxative and an expectorant to purge the body of toxic matter.  Physical disorders as arthritis and rheumatism are also treated as home remedies.

You need to be careful when using Black Cohosh as it is an extremely potent flower.  It can be used as an emmenagogue and stimulates the uterus.  The women who have menstrual problems can use low doses of this flower to help regulate their cycles and relieve pain.  Pregnant women should avoid this plant.

Blood root is effective in low doses for treating respiratory problems.  When made as a paste and mixed with other compounds it can be used to treat rashes, warts and various dermic problems.  If used as a tea or tonic it is effective in cleansing the blood and lowering fevers.

Blue Lobelia is a treatment for syphilis and less severe ailments.  Using as tea it helps to relieve fevers, coughs and colds as well as digestive problems.

Butterfly weed is primarily effective in treating respiratory and related lung issues.  In large amounts, it can be used for internal cleansing and pain relief.

When calendula is mixed with other substances it can create ointments or creams for healing burns, cuts and wounds to the skin.

California poppy is not addictive and has no opium in the plant.  It can reduce anxiety and insomnia as well as bladder problems in children and adults.

Carnation petals can be brewed to make tea to reduce anxiety, agitation, stress and fatigue.

Chrysanthemums make a great tea to bring relief for those suffering from a fever, headache or common cold.

These are just a few of the flowers that can be useful other than just for viewing or scent.  This would make a great and useful gift to give on mother’s day.  Your mom is sure to appreciate the concern you have for her health.  It’s just another way of telling her you love her, especially on mother’s day.

Dr Fredda Branyon