Who Stole My Eyebrows After Cancer?


Most of us hate plucking our eyebrows but just think how much those sweet women receiving chemo would give to have their back!  Sometimes we take things for granted, including our eyebrows. Sometimes the following chemo the eyebrows don’t grow back the same as before. No matter who we are, most of us never feel we look great and sometimes when we get down on our selves, it’s hard to get our attitude back in shape. That’s why I tell our patients, weigh out your options, and do what builds you up. That helps the immune system to heal more than we realize.

Here are some solutions to help with eyebrows not growing back

1. Microblading

This is a cross between tattooing and hair extensions and also known as eyebrow embroidery or feathering/etching.  The artist uses a special micro blading pen and draws on what looks like individual hairs with a special tattoo pen. The pigment is deposited closer to the source of the skin than in a conventional tattoo. To learn more about these procedures, search the Internet for micro blading.  It can be quite expensive and takes two to three hours, depending on the salon, but requires a touch up only once a year. Be sure the specialist you choose has experience and knows what they are doing.

2. Permanent makeup

There are salons that specialize in permanent makeup tattoos, eyebrows, eyeliner, etc.  Be sure to check out the artist or salon as there can be a risk of infection with these procedures. Then you’ll end up paying for a cosmetic surgeon!

3. Eyebrow extensions

The individual hairs are dipped into special glue by the specialists and then they are attached, one by one, to your eyebrow area.  This procedure takes two to three weeks and you must avoid touching your brows or rubbing them when washing your face. Also, do not immerse your head in the water.  This is also an expensive procedure. Again, more information on this procedure can be found on the Internet.

The last and least expensive option is to just get better with applying your makeup.  So there are definitely several options and you don’t have to walk around without those eyebrows anymore!

Each woman needs to decide what her priorities are. Do a little due diligence and decide just what is right for you.

Dr Fredda Branyon