What Is The Correct Cancer Diet? Part Three

What Is The Correct Cancer Diet? Part Three


We are all trying to eat healthy foods. There is no one nutritional guideline for everyone since each person is different, with unique metabolic needs, digestive imbalances, and nutrient requirements. The following is a few good simple dietary guidelines for anyone to follow.

* It is important to eat natural and non-genetically modified foods, thus reducing your intake of sugar, salt, preservatives and other food additives.

* It is always a good idea to shop in the produce section of the grocery store and buy only organic foods if possible.

* Always eat a wide variety of recommended foods.

* Nibble and do not gorge your food. Small frequent meals are easier on your digestion and will allow more food to be eaten, therefore more nutrients are going to your body’s cells. Our ancestors were “grazers”, who ate small amounts of food when it was available. Eating small, frequent meals helps to stabilize the sugar level in our blood. Only in modern times do people sit down and gorge themselves with three or more meals a day.

* Avoid unhealthy foods, such as sugar, salt, caffeine, alcohol, food additives, preservatives and processed foods and beverages.

* Maintain good protein intake so as to not to lose too much body weight. See the recommended foods under meats, dairy, nuts and seeds.

* Chew your food thoroughly to improve your digestion and assimilation. You will also be able to take in more food this way.

The following is a list of some basic healthy lifestyle foods to include in your diet. I’ve also included a list of foods possibly may be better if you avoid taking them. Remember: No sugar if you are fighting the battle for cancer!

* Include- Trout, salmon, Cod, New Zealand Roughy, Tilapia
* Avoid- Shellfish, Swordfish, Shark, bottom feeding fish, shrimp, and other crustaceans.
* Times per week to eat fish- Fish and/or poultry are to be eaten 3 days or less.

* Include- Organic chicken; broiled or baked. No skin and mainly white meat.
* Avoid- Pork, beef, sausage, organ meats, deli processed meats, Turkey.
* Times per week to eat meat- Fish and /or poultry are to be eaten 3 days or less.

* Include- Unsalted organic butter, vegetable cheeses.
* Avoid- Cow’s milk, cheese, margarine, canned milk, ice cream, yogurt.
* Times per week to eat dairy- two or three times a week or less. Butter – 1 tablespoon per day.

* Include- Organic or fertile eggs.
* Avoid- non-organic or infertile eggs.
* Times per week to eat eggs- Two or three times a week.

*Include- All vegetables; mixed baby greens, spinach, kale, dandelion greens, romaine watercress, sprouts.
* Avoid- Iceberg lettuce has zero nutritional value.
* Times per week to eat salads- Daily.

* Include- Cold-pressed, virgin olive oil, coconut oil. Cold-pressed safflower and sesame are good also.
* Avoid- Oils heated in production, i.e. Not cold-pressed; shortening; saturated oils; cottonseed oil; fried foods.
* Times per week to eat oils- Daily.

* Include-Raw or lightly steamed, or stir-fry: cabbage, carrots, potatoes, Zucchini, cauliflower, celery, broccoli, asparagus, spinach, lentils,
Brussels sprouts, squash, cucumbers, avocado.
* Avoid- Canned vegetables, potato chips, and French fries.
* Times per week to eat vegetables- Daily.

* Include- Whole grain breads, including spelt, pure rye and whole wheat.
* Avoid- White bread, soda crackers, enriched, bleached or brominates.
* Times per week to eat bread- 2 or 3 times weekly.

* Include- Freshly made vegetable barley, and lentil or bean and broths. Vegan/organic Miso in dried, packaged form is good.
* Avoid- All canned soups and soups made with dairy products.
* Times per week to eat soups- As desired.

* Include- Stevia drops or powder, small amount of raw, unpasteurized honey or agave.
* Avoid- White sugar, chocolate, candies, pastries, syrups, molasses. Note: No honey or agave on cancer restrictive diet.

* Times per week to eat sweets- Use Stevia as desired; use honey in small amounts only.

* Include- Purified water, spring water.
* Avoid- City tap water which usually has chlorine and fluoride in it.
* Times per week to drink water- At least 8 eight ounce glasses every day for detoxification purposes and hydration.

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