A Man and a Woman

What A Man Wants

A Man and a WomanWell, since we’ve determined in a previous article what a woman wants, isn’t it time to evaluate the other side of the coin?  There are at least ten main desires of a man when looking for that woman.

  • The modern man wants his own life, and not someone clingy.  If that lady can keep her own set of friends to hang with, this is closer to hitting the jackpot with that guy.
  • The guy wants to make his own move and decide how to serenade the gal in his life.  Just be a lady and let him!
  • It makes for a good foundation if the lady has a rapid heartbeat when he enters the room.  Knowing his lady desires him is a good turn-on.
  • If you gals can show your man you truly care, through all those little things you do and say, you are definitely taking the right step.  Those little things show him you care and will make his heart grow fonder.
  • He likes that sexy side of his woman, but not if she gets to the point of being slutty.  You will most likely scare him off if you move too fast.  Take it slow and be flirty, but don’t make it all about sex in the beginning stages.
  • Stay clear of that bed on your first date as sex at this early stage could ruin what might otherwise build into a beautiful relationship.  After all, sex might be the only thing you have in common, so give it a little time before jumping in the sack.
  • Every man wants a woman he can respect.  Steer clear of that man who dates other women, is married or abusive.  Don’t let that guy get away with anything or run over you.  He will end up respecting you more when he knows the guidelines.
  • It never hurts to praise him or just make him feel good in front of his friends and important people.  Never laugh at him, but definitely laugh with him.  Just be his buddy, to some degree.
  • One of the fastest ways to warn this guy off, is to smother him with calls and texts, umpteen times a day.  Out the door he’ll go!  Take things as they come and don’t harp or badger him, especially about the future.  Give him space.
  • That well-mannered and gentlemanly guy will be looking for that gal that complements him with the same manners and traits.  If he indeed possesses good manners, it’s a sign of what kind of man he is.  Having similar values will only seal the deal.  Just be sure he is dependable and truthful.

So there you have it!  Don’t push, don’t be slutty, don’t try to consume his every minute of every day, and don’t jump into that bed at the first chance.  Take a little breather and evaluate the kind of man you are with, and if he is what you are wanting.  Just think of the great sex you both have been contemplating for a while!  Now it will be much better, so just enjoy!

-Dr Fredda Branyon

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