What 2021 Has Taught Us So Far

2021 is anything but ordinary. In fact, it is the most extraordinary year so far. With the threat of COVID-19 still around and countries slowly bouncing back, the world finds itself standing at a decisive point. Each day bears its own weight, and every little news gives a hint on whether we’ll be moving forward or not. Some days, the end of the tunnel seems only a few steps away. Other days, the endless path appears to loom directly ahead. We found hope, lost faith, and learned to believe once again.

Now, with the new year only a month away, we can examine 2021 in its full length. As we welcome 2022, here’s a wrap of all the important things the present year has taught us so far. Read on.

What 2021 Has Taught Us So Far

Mental health is just as important as physical health

The COVID-19 pandemic did not just create a public health crisis; it swiftly evolved into a political, social, and economic disaster. Businesses were forced to close, millions of jobs were lost, and relationships were strained. With all these factors combined, it’s no surprise that many have reported depressive symptoms even at the onset of the pandemic. Unfortunately, this shared decline in mental health among many people remained a big problem in 2021. Even with the bans and protocols slowly relaxing, students and professionals still find themselves struggling with pandemic-induced depression. This general decline in the public’s mental health further emphasized just how important our emotional and social wellbeing are.

Resilience has many forms

2021 is the year of courage and renewed hope. While the previous year left us on the brink of despair, the present year showed us we can be more resilient than we originally thought we are. The year witnessed how the world re-learned to leave the safety of the indoors and reclaim what’s beyond. Sure, we cried a lot and expressed our anger and frustrations many times. Yet, despite all these, we choose to still get up and get through each day. We learned that resilience has many forms. There’s resilience in crying at night and waking up early to prepare breakfast for the family. There’s resilience in apologizing. There’s resilience in asking for help. 2021 helped us uncover the many versions of resiliency.

Growth isn’t an overnight process

Some of us might have entered 2021 thinking we’ve known ourselves too well. Yet, as we welcome 2022, we are different from who we were a year ago. We’ve seen new things, experienced new things, and learned new things. Growth isn’t an overnight process. It actually comes in layers. It’s a continuous process that demands time and experience.

The Bottom Line

2021 is a year we will never forget. It is the time marked by resiliency, renewed hope, and growth. Let’s bring all these helpful realizations as we welcome yet another year.