Cooked Egg in a Pan

Are you Using the Healthiest Cookware?

Cooked Egg in a Pan

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The belief is that of all the new innovations in modern cookware, the healthiest are those that use classic materials.  Do the materials carry much toxic risk and how likely the cookware materials are to leach into the food during cooking are considerations.  Cooking safely is my priority and should be everyone’s.

Over 100 studies have shown that aluminum has consistently been placed in the top 200 health-jeopardizing toxins by the ATSDR (Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry) at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services).  Improvements have been made in aluminum pots and pans with the advent of anodized aluminum, where a thicker aluminum oxide layer is created on the surface, but it is still recommended to avoid aluminum cookware due to the potential toxicity of aluminum itself.

Non-stick coating started with Teflon in 1946 and grown since to include Silverstone, Tefal, Anolon, Circulon, Caphalon and others.  These are still considered a category of toxic materials risk and not recommended for use.

Pots and pans made from 100% copper are in a different category.  This is also a metal on the ATSDR priority toxin list but is an essential mineral that is currently deficient in many U.S. diets.  Many people include it as a desirable cookware material for this reason, however, cooking directly on a copper surface still holds a potential (however slightly) risk of copper toxicity. I still will not allow copper in my kitchen.

That leaves us with Stainless steel cookware, which I love.  With this product you have a cooking surface that can include some less risk materials which is more stable and less prone to leaching.  The health risk is less than the risk posed by leaching of the essential mineral copper.

There is an inner core of aluminum or copper in stainless steel pans and some have a copper-clad bottom.  These two metals are very efficient heat conductors and since they are sandwiched between layers of steel and neither come in contact with the food, these types are fine to use. I still like all stainless steel best.

Cookware made of cast iron makes food taste really good when properly seasoned.  However, the surface is great for cooking but when material does leach from cast iron, it’s an essential mineral (iron) that many of us can easily incorporate as a healthy intake.  But be careful, science has discovered that too much iron can actually cause cancer and cast iron is not a natural iron.

So all in all, the favorite cookware choices are those made from stainless steel or cast iron and are recommended.  Just try to avoid those pans with non-stick coatings as well as those made from anodized aluminum.  Spare your family from unwanted metals as you strive to feed your family healthy foods by using an approved cookware! Personally, cast iron is so heavy that my preference would be the stainless steel cookware.  Enjoy your cooking!!

Fredda Branyon

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