Uses For Coca Cola

Uses For Coca Cola

Uses For Coca Cola

Coca cola sure doesn’t belong in the human body, but there are other great uses for it. Coca-Cola is the second-most recognized word after “hello”, but did you know it’s an actual poison for the human metabolism? The acidity level is close to that of battery acid, so it is even better than many toxic household cleaners. Getting clean water in some countries is hard, but Coca Cola is easier and cheaper to find in those places. It is said that those normal consumers of Coke have a 48% increase in heart attacks and a greater risk of stroke than those who don’t drink soda at all, or are not everyday drinkers. Lung and breathing disorders are also related to soft drink consumption.

The carbonation irritates the stomach so the stomach fights against it with calcium, which it gets from the blood, and in doing so, takes a supply of calcium from the bones. Phosphoric acid is an ingredient in coke and this also causes draw-down on the body’s calcium store.

Coke will soften your bones in 3 ways. The calcium is reduced in the bones by carbonation and phosphoric acid. A calcium-containing alternative, such as milk or water, can replace this beverage.

The cells receive mechanical damages and this makes it a huge risk for esophageal cancer. Soft drinks can cause reflux, where acid rises up part of the esophageal valve. Lying in a horizontal position makes it even worse. Soft drinks consumed in the USA will give you a number that is well over the acid reflux danger point and most of us are way past that point.

Dissolving tissue is the stomach acids purpose. The lower esophagus gets acid damage more from people who are frequently drinking soft drinks, than those who don’t drink them. The cell mutations have a radical increase and a far higher level of free radicals.

There are great uses for Coke as a domestic cleaner as follows:

  • Removes grease and blood stains from clothing and fabric.
  • Removes rust and loosens rusty bolts.
  • Cleans oil stains from a garage floor with soaking.
  • The acid kills slugs and snails.
  • Soak burnt pans in Coke and rinse.
  • Descales a kettle as burnt pans.
  • Cleans car battery terminals by pouring some Coke over each one.
  • Cleans your engine.
  • Shines up those pennies by soaking and removing tarnish.
  • Cleans the tile groups on kitchen floor.
  • Will actually dissolve a tooth left in a sealed container.
  • Dip a bit into a bowl and use to remove gum from hair.
  • Take those stains off vitreous china.
  • Add a couple of 2-liter bottles in your dirty pool to clear up rust.
  • Dye can be removed (or faded) from hair by pouring Coke over it.
  • Marker stains can be removed from carpet by applying Coke and scrubbing with soapy water.
  • Pour around your toilet bowl, leave a while and then flush it clean.
  • Try Coke and aluminum foil to bring chrome to a high shine.
  • Paint will strip off metal furniture by soaking a towel in Coke and laying it on the paint surface.

So as you can see, there are many “good” uses for Coke, but none are intended for the human body.

Try grabbing that glass of iced water or a tall glass of cold milk. They may not be an excellent source of calcium but they are sources to hydrate you. Why let that acid eat away at your body?

– Dr Fredda Branyon
Img c/o Pexels

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