Top 6 Methods of Dealing with Spring Allergens

Top 6 Methods of Dealing with Spring Allergens

Top 6 Methods of Dealing with Spring AllergensHave you been sneezing and tearing up now that spring has sprung? Here are the top 6 ways for dealing with allergies this spring.

Lose Weight  

It is harder to breathe when you carry around extra weight. This is an issue you should not have to deal with when you have allergies. When you carry more fat cells around your stomach area, this does not let your lungs fully expand. In other words, in order for you to be able to take a real deep breathe, you will need to lose weight.

Your Front Entrance Matters

Doormats made of fibers like rope, or other natural material tend to break down and grow fungus, mold or mites. Instead, use a synthetic door mat and wash these each week. Put a shoe rack by the front door and tell guests to leave their shoes at the door. Clean porch lights and remove dead insects which can become a source of allergens. Believe it or not, your front entrance matters as it is the first line of where allergens might be tracked indoors.

Clean the Air in Your Home

Believe it or not, you need to change your air conditioning and furnace filters every three months. Find the ones rated eight to twelve by MERV. This rating shows how a good filter can remove mold and pollen from the air as it filters it.  A clean filter in all your appliances will make a huge difference.

Air-Condition Your Home

Leaving your windows and doors open is a great way to invite irritants and allergens from outside to inside your house. The same can be said for your car. Instead of cooling rooms with a window fan which sucks outside elements in, turn on the air conditioner. Keep humidity in your dehumidifier above thirty per cent to avoid creating an overly dry environment in your home. At the same time, keep the levels below fifty percent to kill dust mites.

Alternative Remedies

Aside from your regular medication for allergies, why don’t you take a few alternatives as well? When you pair peppermint tea with a regular antihistamine, for instance, you may be pleasantly surprised by the results. There are multivitamins that contain vitamins B, E and C. When you supplement your regular medication with other remedies, you cover all the bases, so to speak.

Stress Aggravates Allergies

When you are confronted with stress, a cascade of stress hormones are released by your body.  These, in turn, send various signals to various body parts to prepare you for ‘flight.’ When this happens often with no release physically, damage can be inflicted affecting your neural network and your nerves. Plus, your immune system also gets weakened. Learn to control stress and how you react. Believe it or not, better stress management leads to fewer allergies.

Food Matters

Health problems this springtime are aggravated by improper eating habits.  This includes seasonal allergies and asthmas. Studies in medicine have concluded repeatedly that antioxidants in green tea, seeds, nuts, vegetables and fruits, as well as other beverages, and food help fight the internal inflammation of your physical body. When it comes to allergy-control, this is definitely a critical factor.

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