Time-Tested Natural Cures Doctors Swear By (Part 1)

Time-Tested Natural Cures Doctors Swear By (Part 1)
You don’t have to go to the drugstore every time you feel sick. These old time cures can save you a couple of dollars the next time you have flu or a headache.

While the use of modern medicine is still very much recommended by most doctors, old cures for common ailments have never lost their footing in the world of medicine. What is interesting is that these old remedies have been making waves yet again in recent scientific studies. It seems that these time-tested cures still have something vital that medical experts have yet to discover.

While we

wait for the next big medical discovery to be announced, here is what you can learn from these natural medicines.


Ginger has been used for millennia to treat nausea. However, the chances of hearing it from a doctor

 practicing conventional medicine is quite slim. Thankfully though, 21st century physicians are now bridging the gap between conventional and alternative medicine through a series of scientific studies that explore the healing potential of various plants, from the root to their leaves.

Thankfully enough, 21st century research was able to  re-highlight the potential of the wonder root to combat nausea, especially those caused by motion sickness, pregnancy, and chemotherapy.

Now more and more doctors are open to prescribing this root as the actual remedy, instead of the usual prescription drugs and pain relievers. So the next time you feel like you’re going to empty the contents of your stomach, try consuming this special, aromatic root. You can store candied ginger in your fridge, brew ginger tea, or even bake ginger cookies.


This product has been a household name since who knows when. One of the most popular ointments for pain, BenGay has been a top choice among athletes for pain management. The same cannot be said though for the usual exerciser, as some do not want to carry with them the medicinal scent that comes with analgesic heat rubs.

Nowadays, however, it’s in everyone’s bathroom closet or medicine box. Medical professionals do not hesitate to prescribe the ointment to professional athletes as well as to normal individuals who regularly engage in various forms physical activity.


Prunes are a great snack for almost anyone, but has always been known to be the ultimate solution for irregular bowel movement and is most often found in your grandmother’s stash.

But with the recent medical breakthroughs, there is a growing number of scientific evidence that supports its importance in relieving constipation. They have even been rebranded as dried plums to change the common knowledge about them.

From that point onwards, they have become an easy sell, as health-conscious customers started stacking up on these and making them part of their regular diet. This can also be contributed to the growing interest that people have over digestive health and natural food cures. A recent study has even reported that chomping on at least 12 pieces a day is more effective than psyllium supplements.

Discover the rest of the natural cures in the next part of this blog. For the meantime, do not delay incorporating these three into your lifestyle for a healthy mind and body, without having to spend much on expensive medicines.