Think Before Popping That Top

Think Before Popping That Top

Think Before Popping That Top

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If you are drinking cola, it has about 150 calories and 10 teaspoons of sugar. Women shouldn’t even have that much in an entire day and it’s even 1 teaspoonful more than most men should have. That much sugar in your diet is bad for your teeth, can make you gain weight and just plain isn’t good for your heart. It can actually raise your blood pressure and put harmful fats in your bloodstream.

The better option is to reach for a glass of water because your body will thank you for it in the long run. Keep yourself hydrated as that will keep your body the right temperature and will help get rid of waste and help your joints move.
Some people don’t really like water by itself so spruce it up with some lemon and a little sugar. Using the sweet and sour combo can sneak the healthy benefits of water right past your taste buds.

The caffeine in soft drinks can have something to do with your soda craving. You might even try a cup of coffee that also has caffeine with even a teaspoon of sugar, which is better for you (and only about 15 calories) than drinking that soda.

A cup of tea can replace that soda. The green variety of tea is even better. Do not add too much sugar or you will be tilting the scale back the wrong way.

Try some sparkling water with a little juice added and it’s kind of like a soda. This might be a way to elevate that soft-drink itch without all those empty calories. Juice does have at least as many calories per ounce as most soft drinks, so a little bit is all you want to add.

Forget that mixed drink with soda at the bar and try a glass of red wine. There are fewer calories and might help protect the blood vessels in your heart and prevent blood clots. Again do not overdo it and definitely don’t start drinking alcohol if you don’t already. Wine can have harmful effects as well.

When it comes to sugar, the old habits die hard. If at a certain time of day you normally enjoy a soda, it will probably be tough to kick the habit unless you replace it with something else you enjoy like a cup of coffee or maybe a square of dark chocolate.

That diet soda isn’t a good substitute, either. There is research that shows the artificial sweeteners in diet sodas can throw your metabolism off, make you gain weight and increase your risk for diabetes and heart disease. It was shown through a study that more than 3,000 women showed that two or more diet drinks a day can be hard on your kidneys.

If water isn’t your thing, be inventive and find other ways and flavors to add to that water. It is essential that you drink fluids, but don’t make one of them soda!

– Dr Fredda Branyon

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