The Real Meaning of Chaos

The Real Meaning of Chaos

I want to share a quick note about the new meaning of chaos. I have the best office manager in the world. Her name is Nancy. We laugh sometimes because she is one that will not let you do something out of “protocol” without getting your hand slapped. She keeps New Hope Unlimited running like an oiled tire since she is the hub of the tire. She greets everyone with a smile and kind heart. Our patients, as well as everyone on staff here, love her. She is great.

Not only is she a great office manager, but she is a great person whom I appreciate and love very much. The other day at work we were having “one of those days”. You know, because we all have had them. It seemed like we were just working hard at working hard and getting nowhere.

All of a sudden out of no where, Nancy comes up with, “I’ve got it! Do you know what chaos means?” Of course I said, what?

Her positive side of the definition of chaos is:
c– clearing
h– habits
a– and
o– overcoming
s– stales

How great is that! Thats a great attitude. Thanks Nancy.

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