The Power of Self-Affirmation

Self-affirmation is more than simply looking at a mirror and giving yourself compliments. It is harnessing the power of positivity by reassuring yourself of the qualities you have and motivating yourself to do better. Contrary to its simplicity, it is often hard for people to believe in themselves and easier to cheer others on. But once you adapt to the idea of motivating yourself through positivity, you will soon see the psychological benefits it has in your daily life.

How Does Self-Affirmation Work?

First, identify the core values that you find most important to you. From there, you construct the motivational affirmations that connect you to your values. For example, if being goal-driven is something important to you, it helps to assure yourself that you will succeed in your career and achieve your goals. 

If family is important to you, you can affirm that you are a good child or parent, and you do take care of them to the best of your ability. Studies show that timely and specific affirmation has helped improve relationships with others, education, and health outcomes. Essentially, saying these self-affirmations can help you believe them yourself and follow through with them.

Benefits of Self-Affirmation

It Can Change Your Image About YourselfThe Power of Self-Affirmation Image

One of the most common benefits of self-affirmation is its ability to reinforce the feeling of self-worth. Constantly affirming one’s self boosts one’s ability to change their perception of themselves and actively act on their affirmations. This is essentially one of the first steps to take to self-love.  

It Helps You Start the Day Right by Boosting Confidence

Starting the day with self-affirmation can help set the mood that you would have for the rest of the day. When you set yourself up with confidence and self-motivation, you will most likely keep this feeling up for the rest of the day. Remember that success starts with projection. If you believe that today will be a good day, it most likely will be.

It Helps you Understand and Learn from Your Mistakes

Self-affirmation is not meant to feed your ego to the point of delusion. In fact, it helps you realize your faults even better, making room for growth. When your integrity is boosted, and self-esteem is less fragile, you begin to see constructive criticism for what it is and take it less of a personal attack. 

Gives You a More Positive Outlook 

Lastly, empowering yourself with reassurance will generally help with the way you see the world. When you begin to realize the parts of you that you do appreciate and remind yourself daily, you become more accepting of who you are. And when you begin to love yourself, you will start to believe in your abilities, thus having a better outlook in the future. Aside from a change of diet, staying active, and getting enough sun exposure, self-affirmation can improve your mental health.

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