The Overuse of Antibiotics

In todays world, we Americans have been so blessed with so much that gives us instant gratification. No one wants to be sick so we pop an antibiotic quickly in order to get well quicker. However, this can harm us in ways we never consider.It is clear that the antibiotics that once were successfully used are no longer working. A lot of what has happened is that with the overuse of the antibiotics comes a resistance. No longer is the bacteria affected by the antibiotic prescribed. The bacteria is intelligent enough that the bug will react and change it’s DNA to protect itself.

Please speak with your doctor and ask is it really necessary for that antibiotic or is there something else you can do.  The ideal way is to prevent any illness from coming your way. Keep the immune system in good working condition. Later we will discuss how this can be done. In the meantime, get plenty of good sleep, eat less junk or no junk food, and laugh as much as you can. Protect your body. Its the only one you have. You own it!





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