The Magic Of Empowerment

Ok, its time to do some serious thinking. Have you ever felt like you have been so beat up, tired of being sick, tired of not having the things you felt you deserved? Almost every day I hear something like that from our patients at New Hope Unlimited. I know that after a while, it just gets to feeling like the burden is to heavy to carry. Im sure we have all been there at some time or other to some degree.

This weekend I was reminded again that it is time for us to start trying to empower ourselves. Its time for new thinking and new awareness. I was reminded about how important it is to watch what you speak out of your mouth. I think there is truth to that. If we continue to speak out loud, “I am broke,” maybe it will be hard for abundance to flow in our pocket because we have already set the stage to be “broke”. Maybe, if we continue to say, “I am sick and tired,” we may not be giving ourselves the chance to not be “sick and tired”.

I know it may sound strange to some of you, but what if its real? What would it hurt to try your own little experiment and see if it works? We become in such a rut that sometimes we do not realize how negative we become. What does darkness bring about? More darkness! If in the darkness a light is turned on, there is less darkness. Even a match flame can give a little light.

Make Empowerment A Hobby

It may be fun to have a new hobby of “empowering ourselves”. Or, perhaps think about making it a new mind game to play. Lets try to live our truth. Think about how do you relate to yourself? Don’t think about whether you are overweight, not as wealthy as you want to be, or even not as healthy as you want to be. Start thinking about your inner energy and beauty. What are your challenges and strengths? Create the intent of what you want and watch what you speak out of your mouth. Get a buddy to play the hobby or game with you. See the intent behind the action and use your inner wisdom. You have it and you can do this. You are a marvelous person!

How can we love others fully if we do not love ourselves first? Find a picture of when you were a child and tell yourself how you are loved. We are still children deep inside. We will always be no matter how old we are. For those of you who read the Bible, remember, Jesus said to “be as little children”. We deserve to be loved by ourselves and others.

Keep it light hearted and try to remember, sometimes we create our own little world. Its sometimes left up to us to create the world we would like to see ourselves in. Remember, everything is created in our mind and thoughts first.

-Dr Fredda Branyon

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