The Importance of Detoxification (time for a little spring cleaning)

The Importance of Detoxification (time for a little spring cleaning)

The human body is designed so that it has self-regulatory mechanisms which are self healing. A strong healthy body has the capability to eliminate the toxic substances generated. In todays world we are more exposed to many man-made chemicals and toxic substances. The water we drink and the air we breathe is becoming more polluted. The food we eat is processed, our meats are full of hormones and antibiotics. Our lifestyle has become more sedentary and our body’s cells lack the needed amount of oxygen.

Our body’s organs that help us to detox and excrete are overwhelmed and is overloaded with waste products and metabolites which helps render us to vulnerability to all kinds of bacteria, parasites and viruses.

Detoxification is a possible way towards restoration of the body’s regulatory mechanisms and possibly the reversal of diseased cells to the behavior of normal cells.

The liver has many accomplishments to fulfill. It represents the body’s major detoxification center. The liver inactivates and removes toxic substances that have been ingested such as harmful minerals, toxic medications, and even the food we eat that is disagreeable to us. It also extracts from the blood the residues and waste resulting from the daily cellular breakdown and transforms them into bi-products that can be excreted by the intestines or kidneys. The liver helps to eliminate the waste products and toxic metabolites resulting from intestinal fermentation and putrefaction. The liver is a known source of Kupffer’s cells which help filter and destroy foreign invaders such as viruses, bacteria, fungi and abnormal cells that can turn into cancer cells.

The kidneys are another essential detoxification organ. The kidneys have the important task of purifying the blood from harmful substances such as toxic medications, poisons, and other chemical substances. The kidneys filter these problematic substances by filtering them out of the blood and excreting them in the form of urine.

For the kidneys to do a good job, the blood pressure should not be too low or too high. Also the volume of the blood which passes through the kidneys in a given time should not be too low. For this reason, hydration is very important to thin the blood and lymph.

Our intestinal tract, from our mouth to our colon, not only helps us with our digestion, but also the elimination of toxins. When we become ill or out of balance, our tongue becomes coated showing that we can eliminate toxins through our mucous membranes. The old fashion doctors always said, “stick out your tongue and say ow.” When was the last time your doctor looked at your tongue?

The respiratory tract (our lungs and bronchi) help to evacuate toxins in the form of carbonic gas. It may also excrete phlegm. Healthy membranes (alveoli) in our lungs do not let solid waste to penetrate. However sometimes when we are down the alveoli may become porous and act as an emergency exit for toxins. These such toxins are transported by the blood stream toward the lungs and bronchi. They then squeeze through the alveoli and we can cough them up as phlegm. This phlegm can not only consists of microbes, but also of waste resulting from insufficient digestion and elimination.

Our lymph system plays a crucial part in detoxification and defense. Remember, our immune system is our first and last defense. Approximately two liters of lymph fluid circulate in our lymphatic vessels daily. These two liters are formed continually from our intestinal fluid that is the extra cellular membrane of the capillaries in order to keep the volume of lymph fluid constant and to allow the waste products to leave the cells and be carried away.

If our production of lymphocytes is insufficient, our body’s defense mechanism is down and the body’s defense against abnormal cells, which can turn into cancer and other immune disorders, will be impaired.

In writings to come I will report on different ways physicians are treating their patients to help them detox.

A word of warning: If you are suffering from an illness and are already in a weakened state, it is imperative that you GET PROFESSIONAL HELP before going on a stringent detoxification program. There are Naturopathic doctors all over the US than have been trained in such procedures.