The Big Pharma Whistleblower

The Big Pharma Whistleblower

Have you ever been relaxing, watching TV and a pharmaceutical drug advertisement comes on? Next time you see one, listen closely to the disclaimers. If you will notice, the disclaimers are getting longer and longer and take up almost half the time of the advertisement itself. There is one that is on these days with a golfer talking about how this drug has helped him with his pain. Then this long disclaimer comes on about the possible side affects that can be caused from taking this amazing drug. Wow! If you listen closely, it even mentions the possibility of it causing cancer. I’m not sure about you, but that feels to me as though you may be trading off arthritis like pains for something that could be even worse.

Recently I heard about a retired general manager of the pharmaceutical company named Eli Lilly. He worked for them for 30 years. He explained that he was urged by the public to tell the true story of the drug world and the criminal activities he was involved in over 30 years. He stated that he tried to sue Eli Lilly for wrongful dismissal based on his race. He lost his case.

It is interesting to watch this video. There are many more if you are interested. Just surf the web for Dr. John R. Virapen and you will get a list of information.

We all know (it’s no secret) how much money is involved in pharmaceutical drugs. A certain drug can be sold in the US for a certain amount of money but the exact same drug made by the same company can be sold in another country for a tenth of the price. I sometimes have trouble understanding this. Yes, we are the country of “milk and honey” but there are a lot of people who have no honey and very little milk. With our fallen economy, I would like to see our pharmaceutical drug companies care more about the people of the United States. But aside from the cost of the drugs, I am worried that the consumers are too trusting that all drugs help and forget that the many side affects can be worse than the problem itself. Cancer does not just start overnight!

We own our bodies and every cell in our body. Learn to take care and be informed enough to make sensible choices. I feel that sometimes the greatest doctors are gullible and tend to believe everything they hear. I hope they will start researching the drugs before they prescribe them.

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