The Benifits of Yogurt (1)

The Benefits Of Yogurt

The Benifits of YogurtThe last time you were at the grocery store, did you notice how much yogurt has taken over the dairy section? In fact, it is harder to find sour cream, cottage cheese and other dairy products amidst the ocean of yogurt selections. This makes sense, however, as the benefits of yogurt are tremendously beneficial to your body. In fact, it comes as no surprise that more supermarket real estate than ever has been offered to yogurt.

Traditional probiotic yogurt is created from fermented dairy into a creamy pack of food with probiotics, which are beneficial. It is a balanced source of minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates, fats and protein. When its source is grass-fed goats or cows, you get maximum yogurt nutrition, which supplies probiotics, enzymes, vitamin K2, vitamin D, potassium, magnesium, calcium, whey protein and omega3 fatty acids. Yogurts that are based on dairy can be made from sheep or goat milk. However, the most popular is still traditional milk from cows. Plus, in the USA, yogurt is the most consumed dairy fermented product. Next to yogurt is kefir, in second place as the most consumed fermented dairy product in America. There is a belief that this method of milk preservation started six thousand years ago. Records in history place yogurt in Turkey, Persia and India not long after it made an appearance in Central Asia.

What Exactly Are The Health Benefits Of Yogurt?

Milk is where yogurt comes from. Thus those that eat yogurt will get animal protein plus other dairy food nutrients such as magnesium, potassium, vitamin B12, vitamin B2 and calcium. Most of all, you will get your daily dose of friendly bacteria known as probiotics when you eat yogurt. There needs to be more research, of course, but evidence states that some probiotic strains is able to boost the system of immunity and promote a healthy tract of digestion.

How Is it Made?

Bacterial milk fermentation is how yogurt is made. It is a popular dairy product and the bacteria used to make it are called yogurt culture. This ferments the natural milk sugar called lactose. Lactic acid is produced by this process, which is a substance causing the curdling of milk protein, giving yogurt its unique texture and flavor. Many types of milk can be used to make yogurt. You can also use skim milk to product fat-free yogurt. Full-fat yogurt is made from whole milk. Plain yogurt with no colorants added is a thick, white liquid that tastes tangy. The bad news is that many brands commercially add artificial flavors and sugar. These types are not as good for your over-all health. You can get the most benefits to health when you consume unsweetened, plain yogurt.

Just Impressive

The impressive yogurt health benefits are seriously hard to beat. Each year, more and more studies are published that depict even more benefits of yogurt. So if you’re on the fence about consuming yogurt, this should convince you otherwise.

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