Surprising Habits That Boost Immunity

Eating fruits and vegetables, exercising, and drinking plenty of water are common practices that help boost your immune system. But do you ever wonder if there are exciting ways to stay healthy? To strengthen your immune system and fight off frequent infections, start adopting these fun habits.

Laugh More

Laughing and giggling can improve your immune system along with your mood. It raises the level of antibodies in the blood, which attacks and kills trespassing bacteria and viruses. Enjoying a good laugh also increases the antibodies inside the nose and respiratory passages, which are the main entry points for many germs.

Sing in the Shower

A group of researchers from London reported a boost in immune system activity in cancer patients and caregivers who sang for an hour in a choir. After singing their hearts out, their saliva samples revealed a significant reduction in stress hormones and an increase in immune activity.

Hug Someone You Love

It may not seem as effective as taking your daily multivitamins, but a study from Carnegie Mellon University shows that hugs play a role in improving your immune system. According to the authors, those who gave and received more hugs daily were less affected by a virus.

Pet an Animal

From keeping you company to providing unconditional love, pets are a wonderful source of joy and happiness. The simple act of petting an animal — may it be a dog, cat, or hamster — can even relieve stress. Illness or flu often result from prolonged feelings of stress. This is because stress hormones suppress the body’s immune system, making the human body vulnerable to pathogen invaders.

Maintain a Positive Outlook

The University of Kentucky found that optimists have stronger cell-mediated immunity than pessimists. The study highlights how the immune cells of positive people are more efficient in fighting off a surge of invasion by foreign bacteria and viruses.

Express Yourself in Speech or Writing

When the going gets tough, we all tend to bottle up our feelings. However, it is not healthy and only contributes to high levels of stress. In contrast, expressing your thoughts, feelings, and experiences give your immunity a considerable boost.

Talking to close friends and family help you relax, unwind, and forget your worries for a while. If showing vulnerability makes you uncomfortable, you can always try other forms of creative expression. For example, writing about your feelings — whether in a journal or computer — for about 15 to 20 minutes a day can enhance the activity of natural killer cells and T-cells. These microscopic organisms are crucial for fighting off infection, cancer, and other diseases.


Practicing prevention is always better than finding a cure. If you boost and strengthen your immune system, you increase your chances of preventing sickness naturally.

Try these fun and surprising habits to spice up your immune-boosting routine. Although adding new habits may not completely change your immune system, attempting to maintain a balance of as many as you can will help you jump on the healthwagon.