Super Foods For Women

Super Foods For Women

Everyone should be eating healthy, but science has found that certain foods are
especially good for women. Some of the important foods we women should be eating
include the following:

Kale. Kale has green leaves that are packed with vitamin K, which is very
important to healthy bones, just as calcium is. One serving has more than 20% of
the daily-recommended amount that we should have of vitamins A and C.

Organic Plain, Low-Fat Yogurt. Loads of calcium is in just 8 ounces of calcium,
which gives you almost half (42%) that is needed each day and its great for
putting good bacteria in our gut.

Beans. Minus the fat that comes from meat, beans have loads of protein that
can lower your blood pressure, blood sugar and heart rate. The #1 killer of
women in the U.S. is heart disease, and these are reasons to keep your levels in
order to avoid risking this disease.

Walnuts. Many healthy fatty acids are packed in walnuts and may prevent
cancer as part of your balanced diet. They also provide calcium as well.

Avocado. There is fat in avocados but at least it’s good fat! Diets rich in
avocado can help get rid of belly fat and protects your eyes and skin. Your “bad”
cholesterol may even be lowered as well as boosting your “good” cholesterol.

Sardines. These little fish may be small but they have tons of healthy fatty acids
as well as vitamin D and calcium. Breast milk quality can be improved with their
omega-3 fats and be good for babies when their mother eats these little guys
while pregnant.

Organic Beef Liver. Not everyone likes beef liver, but it is an excellent source of
folate and folic acid, which is important for healthy pregnancies.

Grapefruit. Although grapefruit has less sugar, oranges will work as well. It’s
those flavonoids that really help lower the risk of certain kind of strokes in women
and may also help the heart. Be sure and check with your doctors about
consuming grapefruit with your current medications. This fruit may not be a good
combo with some meds.

– Dr Fredda Branyon


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