Suggestions for Father’s Day

There are many ways for you and your child to spend a memorable day on Father’s Day.  Everyone has their own ideas of what, where and how, but in case you have run out of options, perhaps one or more of the following ideas will  tweak your interest.

  • Take the family golfing.  If you aren’t an avid big time golfer, just take a family trip to the local putt putt.  Everybody loves that.
  • Biking on the trails or riding to your favorite ice cream or yogurt shop gets everyone on the move and provides that needed exercise.  Do it as a family.
  • Head out to your favorite park with that picnic basket filled to the top.  Have an old-fashioned organic picnic there or even at your own back yard. Pull out the grill.
  • Your kids and the dog will all love a day of paddling at the river.  Do all the paddling and let dad know that for once you will do it for him.
  • Picking strawberries is more fun when done as a family.  Just think of that great tasting strawberry shortcake when you get back home. Don’t forget to wash the strawberries really good especially if they are not organic.
  • If you love the outdoors, an outing of camping fits the bill.  Plan that camping trip for the weekend, no matter if it’s tenting in the backyard or using that gorgeous motorhome at some exotic place.
  • Kids love scavenger hunts and involving dad makes it all that much more exciting and fun.  Plan it to end at a picnic spot for a family refreshment or lunch.

Of course, don’t forget to pack those boogie wipes for those small little noses that might be sensitive for allergies.

Other ways to give your dad that great Father’s Day is to eliminate the pressure for a perfect day.  No deadlines, no hassles, no chores, no having to fix things and no rushing anywhere on this special day.  Let him relax.

Spend a lot of time together in harmony.  Sometimes that isn’t easy with all the different stress in life, but give it a try.  Go for a quiet enjoyable walk or just relax around the house.

A gift from Mom could be romancing your spouse.  Honor that partner as your lover and friend and tell him over and over how much he means to you.  You might even give him a sexy morning surprise.

Everything should be focused on the father on this special day.  Choose outings and give him the freedom to choose what he enjoys the most.  Lots of praise goes a long way in letting him know how much he is appreciated. Don’t just tell him, but show him.  How about writing him a thank-you note giving all the ways that make him a special father.  Post a banner in the doorway. It doesn’t take a lot of money to honor your dad or spouse, just your love and gratitude will be the greatest gifts you can give him.

Dr Fredda Branyon

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