Strange Change In Our Feet

Strange Change In Our Feet
I have always felt I had the worst looking feet in the world. Yes, I am very grateful for my big feet that look like duck fins. Who needs flippers to go scuba diving! I’m just glad to have feet.

Vanessa Yurevich reported recently that shoe retailers have noticed a trend in feet over the last thirty years. According to the National Shoe Retailers Association, men and women’s feet are getting bigger. In the last 30 years retailers estimate the average size of our feet has grown by a size and a half. It seems that a size 8 1/2 is now the new 7.

It was said that stores need to make money so they are stacking up on larger sizes. Could this bring about a problem for women who already have big feet? The selection could be less to choose from.

Well, lets continue to hope our dress sizes don’t increase a size and a half. 🙂

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