Stopping Toxic Cancer Therapies

Most of the medical professionals are striving to beat the cancer issue and truly looking for answers, but unfortunately, they have been taught in medical school that the use of toxic cancer therapies is the way. It’s rare when you hear an oncologist state that cancer can be prevented and treated with a fully-functioning immune system.

Memorial-Sloan Kettering Cancer Center led a trial on this particular study. Hopefully, this has opened the minds up for incredible progress in natural, effective and far less dangerous ways to treat cancer. The new treatments for the entire body treat the patient and their immune system to fight, and not just the tumor.

Because conventional medicine is so profitable, even with all the deadly side effects and limited effectiveness, the cut-poison-burn techniques are still the go-to for oncologists. An approach in Cancer Research Secrets is tagging chemo with an antibody that carries it directly to the cancer cells while leaving the healthy cells untouched. This method is definitely far better. In this approach, no topic cancer therapies including chemo, radiation or risky surgery are used at all.

Treating your immune system is crucial to our whole body health. Cancer is the No. 2 killer in the world with thousands of potential cancer cells inside us. The immune system is what takes care of them by destroying them before they have a chance to divide and spread out of control. Our immune system is the basic bodily function that is our first line of defense in keeping cancer cells in check.

For the best treatment, we need to get our own bodies to fight for us. The toxic therapies used daily on millions of patients have the opposite effect. All our cells are attacked and our immune system is decimated. If we poison the cancer cells, we are poisoning our healthy cells, especially the immune system cells. Radiation kills not only cancer cells, but the immune system as well.

There are 4 ways to empower your immune system naturally. They are diet and nutrition, oxygen boosters, emotional cleansing, and chemical cleanup. The British science journal New Scientist explained that antibody therapies, alongside other emerging strategies for reviving the immune system, are opening up a fresh chapter in cancer treatment that could expand the number of people being cured. Wolchok of New Scientists believes that “the immune system can sculpt itself around the spectrum of changes that is part of the genetic instability of cancers.”

Of course, the big pharmaceutical companies will capitalize on these discoveries to add slick marketing and push it far and wide. Providing the results of these antibody therapies remain constant and viable, this will become the primary treatment used by conventional medicine and Big Pharma will charge a fortune for it. However, nurturing the immune system is the very best health strategy we can use.

Dr Fredda Branyon