Stay Out Of The Belly Of The Beast

Stay Out Of The Belly Of The Beast

Since Obama Care is going forward, I have noticed how more and more physicians are speaking out on many levels. Some are just talking among themselves but others are bold enough to speak to large audiences.

When you have a little time, I have enclosed a video by Doug McGuff, M.D. Dr. McGuff is an emergency room doctor in South Carolina. His video found on YouTube has already had almost 17,000 hits. He explains how we should stay out of the belly of the beast.

Toward the end of the video, Dr. McGuff gives us tips that he feels can help save our lives. He is speaking from experience from working in the emergency room for years. He has seen much death, heart aches, and crippling for life.

1. Big cars- He stated that motor vehicle accidents are the fifth leading cause of death in the United States. His idea is to buy big cars instead of smaller ones because in an accident, the big car always wins over the smaller one.

2. No ATVs- He feels no one should be on a 4-wheel all-terrain vehicle. Although these vehicles are popular for fun and hobby, they are responsible for hundreds of deaths, and over 100,000 emergency room situations that are not always considered a good visit.

3. Roads are for cars- People who are jogging or cycling on the road, are risking their lives. Distracted drivers do not always see or slow down for pedestrians or cyclist. I know that there have been many deaths in the area that I live in due to a large cyclist population.

4. Pilot- Unless you are a professional pilot, stay out of the sky. Part-time and amateur pilots are at a much higher risk of getting killed.

5. Heel Dust- Dr. McGuff feels that if you are walking and see a group of people who look suspicious or drunk, go to the other side of the road. You do not want to ask for trouble and you never know if there could be a concealed weapon.

6. Gas Grill- He has seen many people in the emergency room that he had to send to the burn center because they could not get their gas grill to light. He stated that “If your gas grill won’t start, walk away.” You do not want to end up with third degree burns or worse.

7. Feet First- Always jump into a bed of water like a pool, lake or ocean, feet first before head first. He has seen many broken necks because the water turned out to be too shallow.

8. Ladders- Always be careful on ladders. There is more than 164,000 people who end up in the emergency room each year from falling off of ladders.

9. Retirement Homes- Many times people who have just retired or getting ready to retire, decide to build their “dream” home. The stress from it has caused many people to have heart attacks. He feels that you should just buy a house already built so you do not have to go through the stress.

10.”Hell NO!”- If anyone is pointing a weapon at you and telling you to get into a car, say “hell no!” He feels that once you get into the car, you will surely die and probably suffer a lot before doing so. Dr. McGuff feels its better to take a chance by not getting into the car.

11. Bad Relationships- Bad relationships bring about bad struggles and stress. Stress kills.

12. Lottery- Dr. McGuff says, “Don’t play it!” He feels that if it is unearned money, “it will take you down.”

13. Be Nice/Kind- Being kind is the best strategy for our health. If you give out kindness, it will come back to you.

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