Spider Bites

What to do with a Spider Bite

Img c/o Pixabay.

Spider bites usually only cause mild reactions because they don’t fully penetrate the human skin. However, when bitten by either the black widow or brown recluse spider, you should seek immediate medical care. I have seen patients who have had a brown recluse spider bite and it was pretty impressive. Not in a good way! They said they felt like they could hardly move and it put them to bed. With summer coming we need to protect our children and ourselves.

Signs and Symptoms Of A Brown Recluse Spider Bite Are As Follows:

▪ Red blister in the center with surrounding bluish discoloration around the blue
▪ Swelling or redness around the bite
▪ Development of pain around the bite within 2 to 8 hours
▪ Joint stiffness or pain
▪ Body rash
▪ Fever and chills
▪ Fatigue

Signs Of A Black Widow Spider Bite Are:

▪ Rigid, painful muscles within 8 hours
▪ No sign of the bite on the skin
▪ Abdominal (belly) pain and cramping
▪ Nausea and vomiting
▪ Breathing trouble

If there is an allergic reaction:

▪ Swelling of the face or mouth
▪ Difficulty swallowing or speaking
▪ Chest tightness, wheezing or difficulty breathing

If your child has been bitten by a spider you should:

▪ Wash the area with soap and water
▪ Apply an ice pack or a cool wet cloth to relieve pain and swelling
Seek medical attention right away if:
▪ There are any signs of an allergic reaction
▪ The child develops any kind of rash after a bite
▪ The area begins to look infected with redness, pain, swelling, warmth or pus
▪ You think your child was bitten by a brown recluse or black widow spider

Prevent Spider Bites

Keep your mind in prevention mode and make sure garages, attics and woodpiles are free of spider webs. Be certain kids wear long sleeves and pants if playing around the garage, attic and woodpiles. You should also keep all firewood outside the house to avoid bringing the spiders inside.

Abiding by these suggested tips just might save you from a run to the emergency room with a very unhappy child in hand. Remember, we are coming into the weather where these precautions are essential in keeping your family safe.

– Dr. Fredda Branyon