Show Your Love


There are so many other ways to show your love than buying a gift this Mother’s Day.  Do not make the mistake of defining love by the gift of material objects. We often take our mothers for granted, and the older we get the easier it is to believe that we know better and show them little care.

The truth is, the older we grow the more our mothers need our attention and love.  We need to honor and care for her. I have listed some of the ways that we can give her our attention and love that will be much more satisfying to her than a gift.

  • Moms love to hear that we love them.  Verbally let her know it.
  • Physical love. How about a big hug or a kiss on the cheek?  Anyway, you can think of just to touch her.
  • Be patient with her.  Your mom’s job is the hardest one in the world and with no pay.  All the physical, emotional and spiritual commitment she has for you is year round.
  • Be attentive.  Be sure to listen to her as she does to you.  She has always had a sympathetic ear, so isn’t it time that we pay attention to her needs?
  • Be grateful.  Even a simple little thank you goes a long way when she knows it’s from the heart.
  • Be honorable.  She deserves your honor and respect as long as she lives.  Take time out from your busy life to love her and be sure to live your life in a way that makes her feel proud.
  • Love her generously.  She spent her life raising you and sacrificing to be sure that your needs were met first.  Many opportunities were most likely given up to be sure that you had the opportunities to become the person you are now.
  • Take a picture with your mom.  This is a great gift to her. Frame it and present it so it’s there for her to see every day.  This will be a gift she will cherish.
  • Forgiving love.  Over the years there have been disagreements and perhaps harsh words of discipline.  These were done to steer you in the right direction. Do not hold any grudges against your mom but let them all go and remember how many times she has forgiven you and put up with all your bad habits while growing up.
  • Love devotedly.  Your mom needs to know you are there to support her in any and every way possible.  Defend, protect and comfort her every day and pray with and for her. Make certain that she knows you are there for her, regardless of what may come.

These are only some of the ways to honor your mom on this special day and all others to come. Be patient and supportive as she ages and is faced with many of the problems the elderly are facing today.  After all, you only have one mother and no one in this world will ever love you more than her.

Give this mother’s day some special thought for what will truly make this special woman feel honored and respected.

Dr Fredda Branyon