hot or cold water?

Should You Drink a Glass of Cold or Warm Water?

Should You Drink a Glass of Cold or Warm Water?
Get to the bottom of this long debate and find out whether cold or warm water is better for you or whether it makes any difference at all.

Staying hydrated is the best way to ensure that our bodies are in tiptop shape. We need water to to help our bodies perform its routinary functions. Drinking it is also important when exercising or striving to lose weight. There are certain research that have indicated how dehydrated people tend to lack enough energy to complete multiple reps, causing them to get tired easily.

The reason behind this is because an individual lacking the recommended amount of water in the body will experience a decrease in the hormone levels that are essential for muscle development. Drinking plenty of water also fills your stomach, which helps you consume less calories.hydrate

Hot or Cold?

While there are some individuals that drink water regardless of the temperature of the beverage, there are also quite a good number of people that are curious as to whether the hotness or coldness of this natural drink is essential to maintaining a healthy body. If you’re a health enthusiast or just want to shed some pounds, then you should take note of this interesting fact.

On one episode of Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition, fitness trainer Chris Powell managed to share a great tip. He recommends drinking cold water to hydrate the body, but to drink warm water if you want to maintain that feeling of fullness.

Despite many foods contradicting the saying that “what feels good is what’s good for you”, drinking cold water is actually more recommended, especially when exercising vigorously. When engaging in a rigorous physical activity, the body’s core temperature is a bit above the normal, so it is around 98.6°F (37°C). When you drink ice cold water, you are lowering the body’s temperature and helping it settle back to its normal range.

Certain studies also indicate that cold water 41°F (5°C) is quickly absorbed from the stomach than warm or hot water, avoiding dehydration and allowing you to continuously play harder and enjoy sports and certain physical activities longer.

The main point here is that drinking a glass of cold water burns more calories than a glass of water at room temperature, it will only be approximately eight calories, so it is not exactly a weight-loss wonder

Both warm and cold water are equally hydrating, but cold water is taken by individuals because it provides a refreshing feeling. Some claim that it is more satisfying after a workout, so they are likely to drink more, which makes it more appealing for hydration purposes.

When drinking a glass of lukewarm water before meals, it can make people feel fuller in a shorter amount of time, so they can end up eating less than they usually do. So when you feel like having a snack, sip a glass of water first to prevent eating more.

Make sure you drink water regularly because dehydration symptoms such as low energy, headaches, and dizziness are usually mistaken for hunger. It is recommended that you drink at least 16 ounces of water or two full glasses before meals to help you lose weight.

The human body is very communicative to its owner; if it wants something, you will be notified. This means that if you feel like you want cold water, then, by all means, go ahead. Just listen to your body and stay hydrated, which is the most important thing. Only consider the temperature if you have the leisure or the time to do so.

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