Scientists Create Tasty Ginger Beverages

 Img c/o pixabay

Img c/o pixabay

A soft drink and a milk fermented drink have been created by scientists that have an antioxidant activity that may contribute to the prevention of cancer and vascular diseases.

A group of researchers from the University of Hidalgo (UAEH) in Mexico developed these drinks to improve intestinal function, promote blood circulation and lower cholesterol levels. According to chemist and project leader Dr. Araceli Castaneda, ginger contains dietary fiber, essential oils and phenolic compounds that serve as antioxidants.

The drink is carbonated and created from the aqueous extracts of ginger, and blackberry is used to provide flavor and color. The fermented milk drinks are made from a blend of skimmed milk and aqueous extract of ginger, developed in yogurt cultures.

The lactic acid bacteria in the fermented dairy beverage act as probiotics and help bowel function. In addition to its antioxidant activity it may contribute to the prevention of cancer and vascular diseases.

The link of the Blackberry Organic Products company was accomplished through the university as the company needed to diversify the use of ginger and check their quality to position itself in the overseas market and compete with China who is the leading producer of ginger worldwide.

Samples of ginger had chemical analyzes from the Sierra Norte of the state of Puebla and suggest that the Mexican product is of the same quality as the Chinese.

Now the team is working in producing gummies in order to diversify ginger items sold by the company. As a group they are interested in collaborating with companies so that the linkage between industry and university is achieved.

You can further research the effects of ginger by going on the internet to Google this spice. Research is imperative for discovering new uses of spices and products to further our advancements towards better health. You might find you actually enjoy these new products that might result in a healthier you!

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