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The Scientific Evidence for Alternative Medicine (Part 6)

Alternative and Herbal Medicine

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Let’s investigate #6 in the War Between Orthodox Medicine and Alternative Medicine.

There is documented evidence that alternative treatments have put tens of thousands of people into remission that cannot be denied.  Mexican clinics actually claim to have had far more patients than the American doctors, just because the medical authorities hounded the American alternative treatment doctors and some left for Mexico.  Therefore, the technology also went to Mexico.  Of course, then FDA stepped in and fixed this problem of people being cured of cancer in Mexico by turning the corrupt Mexican government against natural health healers.  Documented cured rates of 75% to 85% and higher is not uncommon for alternative health doctors.

Dr. Kelley, who was previously mentioned in prior articles, had an objective to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Kelley Paradigm is the only scientific basis for the Cure of Cancer.  There were 33,000 well-documented medical records of his cancer patients.  This study continued for over 5 years because of the overwhelming results.  The results indicated a 93% cure rate, and that was after physicians dismissed the patients stating there was no further orthodox medical therapy that would be helpful.  The second parameter of the study was a 100% cure rate for Pancreatic Cancer patients who carefully, faithfully and completely followed Dr. Kelley’s Metabolic protocol.

The medical establishment deals with the undeniable fact that tens of thousands of people have been cured of cancer as “spontaneous remission”, a “pure coincidence” or ”accidental remission.”  Otherwise, this implies whether you have been on alternative treatments or not, there is an equal probability that you will go into “spontaneous remission.”

Of all cancer patients who have taken orthodox treatments then told by their doctors they had exhausted all hope, this can be broken down into 3 divisions:

  • Those who never went on any alternative treatment plan.
  • Those who went on an aggressive alternative treatment plan and had more than 12 months to live when they were sent home.
  • Everyone in the original group that does not fit into either of the first two.

The hypothesis of orthodox medicine was that people in the second group had 1.2% cure rate.  The hypothesis that these patients coincidentally went into spontaneous remission is flatly rejected.  The rate would actually be over 92% according to statisticians.

Theories of the medical establishment is that there is some psychological phenomenon that causes these people to believe they will go into remission, and thus they do, otherwise “psychological remission.”  That is totally absurd.  If it were true, psychiatry could easily develop a “suggestion” technique and easily progress psychiatry into the position of curing all of their patients with suggestions.  The medical establishment had brainwashed many of the patients in the group that all alternative practitioners are quacks.  Furthermore, there has never been a drug company that submitted a cancer drug to the FDA that had even 1,000th the statistical evidence to support that drug, than the scientific evidence for alternative treatments for cancer.  The “cure rates” for orthodox medicine are high only because of deception, pure corruption and nothing but lies.  Several conclusions are, alternative medicine is statistically far superior to orthodox medicine, over 33,000 patients that orthodox medicine couldn’t cure, have been cured by alternative medicine, there is absolutely no scientific justification for the FDA to have approved any orthodox treatment for cancer and when the FDA says there is no scientific evidence for alternative medicine, they are lying.

You might like to know that medical doctors risk jail time and their medical license for recommending or using alternative treatments for cancer.

There is no scientific evidence that can justify the use of orthodox treatments for cancer.  Again, do your own research on every subject you can involving alternative medicine and draw your own conclusions.  Too bad not all cancer patients can’t skip the orthodox treatments and go right for alternative medicine to give them a better chance at survival.  Why would anyone let the medical population destroy our immune system so that we can’t fight cancer ourselves?

-Dr. Fredda Branyon

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