Scary Things That Pop Up And Out!


Those rough patches on your skin and tiny bumps are just keratosis pilaris, a harmless condition usually found on the upper arms, sometimes on your cheeks, your thighs, and your butt cheeks. Relax…..this creepy rash isn’t psoriasis, hives or something you picked up somewhere.

A bump on the inside of your eyelid can be pretty scary and it actually looks worse than it is. A chalazion is caused by a blocked oil duct and often goes away by itself. Do NOT pop them. Use warm compresses to help unblock the duct and see a doctor if it doesn’t get better.

Ever had that gross dry lake bed in Death Valley looking tongue? Scrotal tongue is harmless and affects between 2 & 5% of Americans. There is no treatment but is a good idea to brush your tongue to keep that junk from settling.

Ok, that green poop will definitely grab your attention. Don’t panic as that is most often the result of eating a lot of green, leafy veggies and that’s “good”! A lot of green food coloring will also cause green poop. If it remains green, check with your doctor.

Some infants have a benign tumor made of blood vessels called hemangiomas. Up to 10% of babies have them and they are often referred to as birthmarks, usually on the surface of the skin or just below it, and often on the face and neck. They will disappear before puberty.

A whitish, shallow sore that pops up on the inside of your lip or gums is a canker sore. They aren’t cold sores or fever blisters and aren’t contagious, only painful. Most disappear within a week. Visit your doctor if it persists.

Where did that little round bump come from just under your skin? It might be on your face, neck or somewhere on your trunk and a little red. It could even be a little tender and is known as a sebaceous cyst or epidermoid cyst. This is a swelling of a blocked gland or hair follicle and usually harmless. If it happens to break open, see a doctor.

Scar tissue that forms after an injury and gets bigger and bigger with red and raised mounds, is called a keloid. About 10% of the population gets them. They can start from a minor injury to the skin, like an ear piercing, tattoo, or even an insect bite and be itchy and painful. Corticosteroid shots to flatten the scar are the best treatment.

So now that you know what to look for and what not to be concerned about, carry on with your life. And remember, don’t worry about that colored poop unless it continues for several days. It’ll take care of itself!
-Dr Fredda Branyon

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