Russia Has Banned Three American Wine Companies


Last month the Russian Agency for health and consumer rights banned several batches of United States made wines after tests found them to be contaminated with excessive amounts of harmful substances.

It was reported that the tests proved the wines contained phthalate and bifenazate insecticides in them. The discovery prompted them to expand further checks of other US made alcohol products.

Russia has alerted the US they have banned three American wineries from being sold in Russia. The following is a list:

Geyser Peak Winery. This includes a dry red merlot.

Crane Lake Cellars. This includes the sweet Crane Lake moscato.

Delicato Family Vineyards. This includes the semidry Gnarly Head chardonnay.

Some may say, “Oh this is just Russia being Russia”. Maybe true but are you really willing to take the chance? After all, the US is telling us that it’s ok to eat GMO foods. We know from all the science based evidence thats that is not true. How good can adding phthalate and bifenazates into your diet be? Just a thought.

-Dr Fredda Branyon

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