The Role of the FDA #11

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The War Between Orthodox Medicine and Alternative Medicine continues with the exploration of The Role of the FDA.  

Their claim is that there is no scientific evidence for alternative medicine.  The research being done on alternative treatment plans has virtually zero budget and FDA will not give formal permission for anyone to do research on alternative treatments on live patients.  The government leaders of the pharmaceutical industry do everything in their power to stop this research for alternative treatments.  The FDA, NIH and NCI show there is “no scientific evidence” for these alternative treatments in manufactured artificial situations.  These agencies, along with the AMA, have the legal power to suppress and harass alternative treatment practitioners making sure there is no scientific evidence.  

Money Is A Tool To Suppress Alternative Medicine

Tens of thousands of witness who have been cured by alternative treatments are not allowed to testify because of the FDA, NIH and NCI.  The goal of the FDA is only to allow scientific evidence that comes from the pharmaceutical industry.  And why is that?  Doesn’t it always come down to the same issue…..Money?  Those of the orthodox medicine have the tools they need to crush alternative medicine.

If you put together a team of M.D.s, alternative cancer experts, etc. then have those from alternative medicine treat one of the groups.  Orthodox medicine will treat the other group with orthodox treatments that are commonly used by oncologists.  The alternative medicine side will be guaranteed to have at least 80% to 90% still living.  The other group will probably have less than 5-10% still living.  This contest would be decided by a 10-year survival rate.  Organized medicine doesn’t want anyone to know the truth about alternative treatments for cancer because they are not profitable to them.  There never has been and never will be a legitimate side-by-side study between these two types of treatments.

If an M.D. recommended the alternative products to a cancer patient, the American Medical Association would yank the license of the doctor for recommending “unproven” treatments.  If an alternative health doctor recommended this same product, the American Medical Association could have the person arrested for “practicing medicine without a license.”

Money Over Health And Life

An alternative medical treatment for depression is L-Tryptophan, a critical amino acid the body cannot manufacture itself.  The L-Tryptophan and Prozac both work with serotonin.  They are in competition with each other.  Prozac is a drug that fools the body and L-Tryptophan is an amino acid that creates more serotonin.  The FDA recalled L-Tryptophan stating it caused a rare and deadly flu-like condition.  The FDA banned the public sale of it in 1990, even though it was never proven to be dangerous, but because there was an issue on a contaminated batch. Today the FDA allows Ajinometo U.S.A. the right to import from Japan human-use, the L-Tryptophan.  Naturally it’s sold to pharmacies and purchased by individuals only under a physician’s order.  It has emerged as a new prescription in the serotonin marketplace and costs $75 for (100) 500mg capsules.  Five times more than if sold as a dietary supplement.

People are dying because they have no good information about alternative treatments for cancer.  

The orthodox medicine community is suppressing alternative treatments.  Along with the FDA hiding the truth of orthodox medicine, they have also stopped you from knowing the exact “cure rates” for specific types of cancer.  Therefore, the FDA, AMA, NIH and ACS are suppressing any attempt by anyone to produce scientific evidence for alternative treatments, suppressing availability of natural products, suppressing the importation into the U.S. of natural products and suppressing any useful statistical information about alternative treatments for cancer.  A top executive of the FDA can expect to be a millionaire within 3 years of quitting the FDA.  What does that tell us?  Again, money over health and life!

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