Remission, Cure Rates and Other Deceptions (Part II: Part 4B)


In this 2nd part of article 4, The War Between Orthodox Medicine and Alternative Medicine, we will further discuss remission, cure rates and other deceptions.

Traditional Medicine does not measure the pain and suffering of the patient or the status of the immune system, which is very, very important. Chemotherapy and radiation may shrink the size of tumors and also kills lots of normal cells.  In the process of doing these things there are potentially dozens of side effects, such as death, destruction of a major organ, intense pain, extreme sickness and the death of many normal cells.  The length of life since diagnosis can be broken down into pieces using the concept of remission:

  • What percentage of people die before they go into “remission?”
  • What is the average “length of life since diagnosis” for those who die before remission?
  • What percentage of people live long enough to go into remission and die of cancer or cancer treatments while they are in remission?
  • What is the average “length of life since diagnosis” for those who survive long enough to go into remission and die while they are in remission?
  • What percentage of people go into remission and later get cancer again?
  • What is the average “length of life since diagnosis” for those who come out of remission and later get cancer again?
  • What percentage of people who go into remission are actually “cured”?
  • What is the average “length of life since diagnosis” for those who are actually “cured” of their cancer?

It’s Possible That Some Untreated Cancer Patients Live Longer Than With Chemo

If we were privy to all these statistics, we could calculate the “length of life since diagnosis” for cancer patients using orthodox treatments.  Could the concept of “remission” be that it is designed to hide simple statistics that would tell us how effective or ineffective chemotherapy and other orthodox treatments are?  Studies have proven conclusively that untreated cancer victims live up to 4X longer than treated individuals.  If data would prove people who go on orthodox treatments live significantly longer than people who refuse treatments, you can rest assured the orthodox medical community would keep these statistics…..but they don’t.  Do they have something to hide?

No Scientific Evidence Available For Chemotherapy

Dr. Ulrich Abel, a German epidemiologist, found that the overall success rate of chemotherapy was “appalling” because there was no scientific evidence available anywhere that chemotherapy can extend in any appreciable way, the lives of patients suffering from cancer.  Orthodox treatments destroy the immune system, destroy vital organs, cause immense pain and sickness and can damage DNA.  In fact, most cancer patients in this country die of chemotherapy, most from malnutrition and the destruction of the immune system.  Why use treatments that will damage cells and weaken the immune system?  There is no proven correlation between being in “remission” and increasing the length of life since diagnosis!”  Orthodox medicine usually says if a person lives for 5 years after diagnosis, they are “cured” of cancer, even if they die in the 6th year.  The 5 year mark is still used as the official guideline by mainstreaming  oncologists.  Diagnosing the cancer earlier makes more sense to increase that percentage of life between diagnosis and death.

The Definition Of Cure Rate

Some patients secretly take alternative treatments without telling their doctors.  The definition of cure rate is, a person is cured of their cancer by treatment if they do not die of cancer and, of something caused directly or indirectly by their cancer, and side-effects of the treatment.  Here are four problems with cancer surgery:

  • By the time of diagnosis, unless benign, it has probably already spread.
  • If it has not spread, the patient has so long to live that the cancer can easily be treated by a number of noninvasive alternative methods.
  • Surgery severs numerous blood arteries, thus blocking them forever.
  • Surgery does the same thing to the lymph system and arbitrarily blocks vessels.

Now, considering all the damage that occurs with orthodox medical treatments, why in the world would anyone want to take that route?  Again, research, research, and research!  Your life is valuable! 

-Dr. Fredda Branyon

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