The Psychological Benefits of Non-Attachment as a Lifestyle

What are the psychological benefits of non-attachment as a lifestyle? First of all, what is non-attachment? To understand this, let’s start with attachment. Primarily, attachment involves expecting things. With expectations come limits. Limits are a constant source of anxiety. People tend to run out of energy when there is a lot of anxiety. When you have a lot of vested interests in having events, situations and people unfold in specific patterns or manners, this means you are attached. When you are, then you will feel pain when the emotion, person, thought or object fails to bring you the results you have been hoping for. This results in unhappiness and disharmony.

Old Patterns

When you happen to be attached to something, this keeps you bound to the past. Our reality then becomes full of the same old perceptions and patterns. These then keep playing over and over in our daily life. When you are stuck or attached to things that had already gone by, the result is that you are robbed of being present in the moment.

The Key is to Forgive

The key to getting released from the past is forgiveness. When you forgive, this releases the past and gets rid of attachments. Since you are no longer weighed down by negative events, you will free up new energy. Your energy can then truly feel the present moment. Your sense of happiness, compassion and love will thus increase. You will also feel increased well-being and freedom. It is important to forgive both yourself and other people to be truly free.

There are many situations, things and people that you can be attached to. There are different types, times and levels of attachment as well. This can happen on every level whether it is spiritual, mental, emotional or physical. There is such a thing as being attached to specified outcomes, to own specific possessions or to be treated a certain way. Many people are attached to society roles and social status.

What Are You Attached To?

Being attached to a body image leads to lack of self-love, insecurity, vanity or eating disorders. Being attached to the body can also result in limited spiritual growth. Feeling attachments to material objects lessens spiritual advancement since these take a lot of energy you can use in other ways.

There can be attachments towards personality factors, ego, lifestyle, recognition, wealth and power. People can also be attached to illusions of other people and glamour. There is attachments to being accepted and appreciated and even to fair treatment. There is attachments to age and accomplishments, achievements, religion, doctrines, pride, drives, urges and thoughts.

Gaining Freedom from Non-Attachment

You become free when you are not attached. Find out what you are attached to and slowly release these attachments. You will feel so much energy for every release. You will also be able to focus so much more on stuff that will help you heal in every aspect of your life.

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