How to Motivate Your Kids (and Yourself) to Stop Drinking Soda

How to Motivate Your Kids (and Yourself) to Stop Drinking Soda
You’ve been telling your kids that it’s unhealthy to drink soda but they do not believe you… and why? They see you having a drink or two every day. So the issue is not only about motivating your kids to forget about pop but also making yourself a good role model. Yes, you have to live what you preach so you can become successful in your goal. Take these steps into consideration:

Never stock your fridge with soda.
The presence of soda in your fridge is enough to ruin your plan. It may be too late before you realize that one can is missing and that one of your children has already consumed it. It may also be too late for you to know that you have already opened one can. Force of habit, right?

No matter how you try to tell them that soft drinks are meant for adults, they will still be tempted because they see other kids doing the same thing. So, the best thing to do is to stop or at least minimize their exposure. Do not buy and stock soft drinks inside the fridge.

Buy or prepare fruit juices.
Encourage your children to drink fruit juices. Buy packs from grocery stores and keep them in the fridge. You may also prepare them fresh. Ask your kids to assist you during preparation so they will be more motivated to drink them.

Give them a glass of milk before sleeping and green tea during snacks.
Drinking milk is healthy for your children. Aside from this, it will also give them a sound sleep. During snack time, how about serving them a glass of green tea? This way they will know that water is not the only option.

Lecture them about the unhealthy benefits of soft drinks.
What will make your kids stay away from soda? Tell them how it affects their health. Talk to them about obesity, diabetes and other health conditions, and how they are related to drinking pops. Raising their awareness may be enough for them to consider other healthy alternatives.

Make water more exciting to drink.
Aside from preparing fresh fruit juices you may also think about making your drinking water taste more exciting. You can choose to add a slice of lemon on it. You may also look into the possibility of including two slices of cucumber or a sprig of mint to your water.

Complement your stop-drinking-soda project with healthy cooking so they can understand you more and so you can inspire yourself more on living healthy.

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