Money vs Health. Which Would You Like?

Money vs Health. Which Would You Like?

Sometimes many of us start to think about what we don’t have and it can depress us. I’ve been there but I can honestly say that in my older years, I no longer try to be like the Jones’s. That has not made me any better or worse materially, but it has given me other opportunities. Opportunities to be happier because since I’m not trying to “keep up”, I can be me.

One of the greatest pieces of wealth anyone could ever acquire in life is to regain their health. Over the years we have worked with thousands of people with cancer and other auto-immune diseases. I have learned a lot from the thousands of stories I’ve heard along the way.

People from all over the world, of all backgrounds, different religious views, with money and, no money, to the homeless, have come to our clinic, New Hope Unlimited. I have learned that money is not what makes people happy. Oh, I know, it seems like it would. Maybe it will for a period of time. What I have seen, is that it seems that the poorest of people, learn to live with what they have and find their happiness in the family and friends they love.

I just listened to a six minute video written by Bruce Watson who is a senior writer for Daily Finance. The video is entitled “Wealth Inequality in America”. The video was produced by a YouTube user named “Politizane” who casts an interesting angle on the plummeting savings rate. Oh by the way, I have a friend whose son works at a well known bank that is located all around the United States. I have learned that the average savings account fluctuates between $1,700. to $2000. a week. A lot less than what I was expecting.

The video isn’t really saying anything different from what we have always heard but it is putting a different spin on things. It is an analysis of the United States people’s perceptions of wealth distribution, the line between the rich and the poor, and the reality of things.

I have enclosed the video if you would like to watch it. Please, do not let it depress you. Instead, let it tell you that there are a lot of us who are in the same boat. Maybe some people are too proud to let each other know they are in need. Remember, the statistics now are that one in every 6 children in the United States go to bed hungry. I didn’t say Africa. I said the United States.

I hope that the video helps us all to realize that although we may not have a lot of material things, we still have each other, but it takes each of us to be the first to reach out.

It is a known fact:
When you know you have done a good deed or helped someone in need, it makes you feel good.

When you feel good, it makes you have a true happy emotion.

A true happy emotion, helps build your immune system better that a dose of medicine. When you build your immune system, it helps fight off disease. A good immune system helps keep your body from continuing to allow abnormal cells to replicate like cancer.

A good immune system is greater than any amount of money in the world. Let’s start making others happy. Have you ever thought about, If only 2000 people gave 1 penny each, that would be $200. Tthat could help feed a hungry child right here in the United States.

We are all rich.

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