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It seems I have always been blessed with “soft” teeth. I always related to everyone that I inherited my father’s teeth. Um, he had dentures by the time he was fifty years old. My parents sent me to the dentist at an early age but I recall those events as being the down-slide of my oral health experience! How could opening your mouth wide, on purpose, for someone to stick needles in there be fun? The pain of it all quickly made the little girl in me realize that I just didn’t care how nice that man was, he was a killer! Needless to say, I hated going to the dentist.
Sometimes we just have to face our fears and do what we hate to do. Recent scientific research shows that bacteria that flourish in unclean mouths can dramatically affect the heart, the stomach lining, the immune system, and can contribute to premature childbirth. This is only a small list of what science is proving can happen to those who do not seek regular dental check ups.

Yes, I know what some of you may be thinking…’but dentistry is so expensive.’ I totally agree. That is why I feel that I have found the real “tooth fairy”. I had heard for a long time how people were traveling to Mexico in order to get their dental work done at a fraction of the cost that is charged in the United States. Everyone that I had spoken to who had actually gone for dental care in Mexico was very pleased. Not one person ever said a negative thing toward the dentist or the work done. When I would ask my dentist friends in the US, it was a different story. All I heard was how Mexican dentist were not trained, how they don’t use good sterile technique, how their products aren’t good, and so on. Well, that didn’t stop me.

I was referred by a friend to Dr Pablo Luna in Algodones, Mexico. His office is in walking distance from the border. I would park on the US side and take a 5 minute walk to his office door. I have to tell you the truth, he is the best dentist that has ever worked on my teeth. He is highly qualified! He is a graduate of The University of UABC. He actually did a residency in California at Loma Linda Medical University. I have been seeing him for a complete mouth restoration and am very pleased. He is a perfectionist which has meant that I have had to make a few more trips back than I expected, but is that bad when you are getting the best treatment? Of course not. Oh! Did I mention the price?

It is true.

The cost in Mexico is approximately one tenth of the charge you will pay in the US.

For those of us who live close to Mexico, a day’s trip is well worth it. I have recommended Dr. Luna to others as far away as Kansas and they too agree it’s worth it. Even with their plane ticket charge, they still paid much less than the U.S. charges.

If you think Mexico could be a solution to help you with your dental work, do your homework first. Ask around and find people you know who can give you their first hand experiences of their dental visits. Good dentists in border towns do not need to advertise. Their repeat American patients and “word of mouth” keep them more than busy.

Dr Luna is always busy with repeat business and new clients from old client’s referrals. I have no problem referring him to anyone who is willing to travel to Mexico/US border. You can save big money and get excellent care! In today’s economy, many people are going without good dental care because of high costs. A Mexican dentist may be a solution for you to consider. I did it and am very happy with my decision.

Dr. Pablo A. Luna, D.D.S.
Av. B # 102 Plaza Mextian
Los Algodones, B. C. Mexico
Phone # 01152-65851-77690
email- [email protected]

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