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How the Media and Establishment Control the Public #9


Citizens in PublicContinuing with The War Between Orthodox Medicine and Alternative Medicine, we will explore how the media and establishment control the public.

Some techniques have already been discussed. Controlling the information (brainwashing) the general public has access to is absolutely essential to the establishment. Darwin’s “Theory of Evolution” is an example of teaching and the only theory allowed to be taught in our public schools now. Two theories about evolution are 1) those that think evolution occurred by total accident and 2) those that think God had a hand in evolution, or God simply created each species independently. We will call group 1 the “evolutionists” and group 2 the “creationists.”

You can side with either the establishment or the renegades. This might affect your job though. If you are only looking for the benefits and a promotion, then there is no question as to what theory you will teach. The evolution side has virtually all the benefits, but if you are more interested in truth than benefits, what do you do?


Making a decision based on one person from one side is a common mistake. You’ve only really heard how the people on one side feel about the issue without hearing the issues from the creationists. There are four categories of the two sides you need to hear to make an informed decision. Pro-evolution (from the evolutionist side), anti-creation (from the evolutionist side), pro-creation (from the creationist side and anti-evolution (from the creationist side). You have not heard the anti-evolution arguments from a creationist. We have been taught evolution has been proven to be true and the creationists are all a bunch of religious nuts. You have also been taught not to listen to the people on both sides and that you should believe what the establishment teaches is true. Sometimes the establishment is wrong, frequently wrong. You cannot trust an evolutionist to correctly represent the views of the creationists as they are biased.


Have you ever thought that people in the establishment have a conflict of interest? Perhaps choosing this side has been done based on which side offered you the most benefits. For many people, the deciding factor is not which side is right or wrong, but which side offers to most benefits.

Actually neither schools, corporations or governments want anyone to hear both sides of any issue from both sides of the fence. It appears a brainwashed student rather than a thinking student is preferred. Students are graded on how well they regurgitate “facts”, not on how well they themselves think. Education has produced a population able to read but unable to distinguish what is worth reading. From birth people are taught to assume and expect those in the “establishment” (schools, news broadcasters, and newspapers) have no vested interests or conflicts of interest, have perfect intelligence, have all the facts for both sides of the fence, are totally neutral and unbiased, have perfect integrity, have your best interests in mind, are truly open-minded and love truth more than benefits. You are never allowed to think that money or power could possibly influence what the establishment teaches you.

If your doctor was told anything when attending medical school about alternative treatments for cancer, it was very biased bad things. You are second level brainwashed by your doctor about all the good things about chemotherapy. You have to have a clear understanding and admission to yourself that you need BOTH sides of the categories presented BY their own side to make an informed decision of who to believe.

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