National Kidney Day

March 12 is National Kidney Day

March 12 is National Kidney Day


National Kidney Day

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March is nearing, did you know that March 12 is National Kidney Day?

We all know that our kidney is a very vital part of our body; our kidney has a very important role which primarily is to extract waste from our blood and body. Our kidney functions to excrete waste in our urinary system, the kidney filters out toxins, excess salt, and urea. Our kidney balances our body water level, the kidneys will adjust accordingly and leave the water in the body when our water intake decreases.

The kidney also manages our blood pressure, when the body blood pressure became low, the kidney will produce a blood vessel-constricting protein which is called angiotensin that signals the body to retain water and sodium. The kidneys also participate in red blood cell regulation, when the kidneys don’t get enough oxygen, it will send erythropoietin, a hormone that simulates bone marrow to produce more oxygen-carrying red blood cells. And our kidneys also balance the acid in our body.

During the month of March, we celebrate the World Kidney Day, on this month kidney awareness is being spread all over the world. This event is held every second Thursday of March, and this event aims to raise awareness of the importance of our kidneys to overall health and to reduce the impact of kidney disease and its associated health problems worldwide.

What are the objectives of World Kidney Day?

On this day people are encouraged in systematic screening of all patients with diabetes and hypertension for CKD (chronic kidney disease). Preventive behaviors were spread throughout the globe. Encourage medical professionals practice their roles in preventing CKD. All governments are  encouraged to invest and take action in further kidney screening. And encourage transplantation as best-solution for kidney failure, and the organ donation as a life-saving initiative.

What are the activities and events during this month?

During this month several events were held around the globe, there were kidney walks urges people to participate, kidney walks is a community fundraiser that calls attention to the prevention of kidneys disease and need for organ donation. Free kidney checks were conducted by several kidney foundations encourage individuals in a free health screening program and attend clinical meetings about preventive measures on kidney diseases. Some meetings emphasize in clinical practice in nephrology that provide insights you can apply daily.

How can you participate?

Different activities are done during this season and foundations need people to help others, be part of it, be a volunteer, spare some of your free time giving assistance to medical workers, share your awareness with others, put some smile on the face of people with kidney diseases.

Join fund raising events and activities like walking, cycling, running, and many more. You can also create your own event and donate earnings to sincere and helpful foundations. There are so many ways how we can help others and share awareness about our kidneys. Just do it with your heart open to help others.

Lets put it in our minds that helping others can be done anytime, we don’t need such campaigns or events just to start sharing love and care for others and also for ourselves.