Love That Sitz Bath!


We all need that little bit of TLC now and again, and the body parts could use a little extra, too. Hip bath is another word for a sitz bath that describes the part of the anatomy needing a little extra care. This warm and relaxing sitz bath takes care of cleansing and soothing those very delicate areas, and you don’t even have to take all your clothes off! We’re talking a delicate topic and a very delicate area. These baths have been used for many problems for millennia, and for a few hundred years the Epsom salt has been added to contribute to the healing nature of your sitz bath because of the valuable minerals it contains.

Epsom salt, also known as hydrated magnesium sulfate is a beneficial additive to your sitz bath because of its magnesium and sulfur content, which are minerals your body needs and can be absorbed through your skin. Some of the things it can actually do it sooth that sunburn, psoriasis, inflammation, muscle cramps, migraines and much, much more.

Epsom was originally a spa town and the salt was acquired by boiling down the spring water, which was named by a chemist called Nehemiah Grew who discovered it was rich in magnesium sulfate and Epsom salt. Until the 1700’s few realized the importance of magnesium. Magnesium is the 2nd most abundant element in your cells and the 4th most important positively charged ion in your body. Americans may have 5 times more calcium than magnesium in their bodies, while the ratio should be 2 to 1.

Magnesium sulfate is also recognized for its ability to relieve constipation as well as to improve:

  • Heart and circulatory health, irregular heartbeats
  • The incidence and severity of diabetes
  • Formation of brain tissue and digestive tract proteins
  • Nerve function via electrolyte regulation
  • Joint protein formation
  • Blood clots and blood pressure
  • Inflammation, pain and muscle cramps
  • Express adrenaline and stress
  • The ability to eliminate toxins
  • Migraine headache pain
  • Pancreas stimulation or digestive enzymes
  • Nutrient absorption

Bathing in Epsom salts is a safe and easy way to increase sulfate and magnesium levels in the body, according to U.K. based Magnesium Online Library.

You might use the sitz bath for several delicate situations such as pain and itching after surgery, post-pregnancy tenderness, hemorrhoids, painful bowel movements, vaginal infections and anal fissures. Hemorrhoids are the veins inside the anus that become inflamed and swollen, causing pain and discomfort that the sitz bath can be most helpful.

The sitz bath is just an excellent and soothing way to cleanse the area without rubbing or scrubbing, which can exacerbate the problem. Blood flow to that part of your anatomy will also improve, which aids your healing. Cleansing those sensitive parts on a woman can help with yeast infections, bladder infections and other problems as reported by Medical News Today.

Just take a day off and pamper yourself to feel clean and great. Don’t all women deserve a little pampering?

Dr Fredda Branyon

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