Listening to those Pain Triggers

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Img c/o Pexels.

Here is something to think about… We can help in eliminating some of our own pain. Often, the blame for our pain rests on the simple choices we make every day. I have listed some of the triggers that can easily be avoided to lessen the daily pain. Wearing flip-flops and shoes without support should be replaced, when walking a lot, with a good pair of sneakers or shoes with good arch support. If your thumbs begin to ache, it’s probably caused from all that texting. Arthritis can set in so give your thumbs a rest. Storing your wallet in the back pocket can literally be a “pain in the butt”. This can lead to shooting pains down one leg so remove that wallet before sitting, especially in the car. Be sure your car seat is in an upright position that supports your head and lower back. Video games can result in real sports injuries! It is known that overzealous gaming can cause everything from sprains to torn ligaments and broken bones. Stretching prior to active gaming and keeping plenty of space around you may help. Cheese may be the reason for headaches so use a food diary to help spot these reasons. Couch potato syndrome causes bad posture so sit up straight and don’t keep your TV high!

Just lifting your baby each day can lead to de Quervain’s tenosynovitis so lift without straining the wrists. Use the bigger muscles of your arms. Carrying your laptop a lot can strain some part of the body so try a rolling laptop case. Get rid of those tight ponytails and wear your hair down. Also skip that hat. Strong smells can trigger migraines so find the ones that offend you and avoid them. Better ways to sleep are on your back or side with arms below shoulder level to avoid being sore in the mornings.

Alcohol is the king of pain so limit your intake of alcohol and avoid that headache. Your blood sugar can dip if skipping meals. Eat nutritious foods regularly throughout the day and choose snacks that combine protein and whole grains. Again, lifting with the back and properly bending the knees if squatting, can also alleviate back pain. Spending hours at a desk or workstation will cause pain. Arrange your monitor with the top of the screen at eye level and position your chair so you are sitting straight and feet on the floor.

Many headaches centered behind the eyebrows may be due to eyestrain. Start with an eye exam to see if corrective lenses are needed or time for a new prescription. As the weather changes, headaches can appear. Just be aware of which changes bring on the headaches and be prepared for them. Being a weekend warrior, otherwise being sedentary all week, then diving into sports and exercise on the weekend can bring pain. Try walking 5-10 minutes or gentle exercise to warm up those muscles during the week.

Lifting those little ones overhead is a source of neck and should pain so sit on a couch or bench and encourage your child to carefully climb onto your shoulders instead. A dull headache and sore jaw together might mean you are grinding or clenching your teeth at night. Your dentist can provide a mouth guard to protect your teeth at night. Boy! Sex headache is no old wives’ tale, either. Sex can increase blood pressure and muscle tension in the head and neck so this is usually handled well by pain relievers. Check with your doctor, however, to be sure this isn’t a sign of a more serious condition. A big contributor to aches and pains is plain old STRESS! Practice relaxation techniques such as mediation or yoga. Personally, I like a good amusing book to steal a little time with for some relaxation.

Just remember if you have chest pain, a severe headache and/or stiff neck, pain related to an injury, pain accompanied by weakness or numbness or any other chronic pain, see a doctor for evaluation. Now that we have all these “suggestions” for avoiding pain, we should all be pain free, right? It would be nice, wouldn’t it? Have a great “painless” day!

Fredda Branyon

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