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How to Keep your Health Resolutions this 2017

How to Keep your Health Resolutions this 2017

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Now that the year 2016 has ended, the time has come for people to think and write down their new year’s resolutions. Resolutions vary from one person to another, but the most common type of resolution usually revolves around the health aspect.

Indeed, many are starting out the New Year inspired and energetic to begin their own health routine. However, not all are able to stick with it. After a month of two, the same old eating habits and routines come back again like a stubborn weed robbing you of a healthy lifestyle. The problem with a lot of people is that they start of big; instead, focus on small matters first and gradually change gears once a habit forms.

If you are also a victim of such horrid cycle, there are ways on how you can stick with your resolutions. Here are five tips on how you can keep your health resolutions:

•  Focus on One Thing

Rule number one in sticking to resolutions is to limit the number of promises you make for yourself. Although having a lot can mean enthusiasm for you, this is not the main point of having a resolution. Your aim is to achieve it, not make a long list out of it. For instance, don’t change your whole lifestyle straight away; instead, why not focus on eating healthy first. In this way, the chance succeeding on your goal is high.

•  Take Action by Planning

Deciding on a resolution is not enough to keep it. It means that you also need to plan and research well to produce an outcome. For example, you can’t just have a new diet or health regimen without having any knowledge about how it should be done. Thus, write your plans down, or even ask an expert’s advice for guidance.

•  Have a Specific Timeframe

It is so easy to decide on a resolution, but the moment you disregard the exact timeline for it, you begin to shove the promises in the backside of your mind. To prevent forgetting your resolutions, make sure that you set a starting day, date, or schedule, and stick to it no matter what. Yes, no matter what, unless it causes other health concerns, of course.

•  Reward Yourself

This tactic is simple conditioning. Practice a reward system that does not hamper your health regimen. When you give yourself some rewards once you accomplish or keep track of your resolution, you become more encouraged to do it all the time. Rewards will vary, as long as it keeps you motivated, then it is fine.

•  Learn from your Failures

There are instances when we are not able to keep track of our resolutions. After all, a tempting candy, an extra scoop of sugar, or a huge bag of chips is enough to sway a health-conscious person. However, this is not the end. You can still learn from the mistakes, avoid it, and succeed in any future conflicts. Just identify the root cause, reflect, and find a solution for it.

Health resolution is perhaps one of the many unsuccessful resolutions that most people try every year. This 2017, it’s time to renew yourself and health routine is the perfect thing to start with. There is nothing better than having a healthier and happier self than you were last year. Start with these 5 simple tips now!