It Does Matter What You Eat

It Does Matter What You Eat!

It Does Matter What You EatThere was an interesting article written by Dr. Charles Majors that I recently read, informing us that oncologists are proven wrong about what you eat and how it affects cancer.

Sugar is the only source of fuel for survival for cancer cells as they are glucose metabolizers. Research shows that it is clear that sugar actually feeds cancer. All the PET scans use radioactive glucose to detect the cancer cells. Even that mechanism of simply tagging glucose molecules with radioactive indicators that light up when ingested by the cancer cells, further confirms that the doctors are aware of cancer’s weakness for sugar. With this proof, it DOES make a difference what you eat!

Doctors and researchers have 3 main reasons why they are doing this:

  • It confirms they are taking an initiative to find better treatments than chemo, surgery and radiation.

  • This confirms their admitting that sugar plays a role in reversing, as well as causing cancer, and so it does matter what you eat.

  • Because they are getting closer to finding causes of cancer. It proves that the cause is the only cure.

Why your diet matters:

  • The oncologists are finally seeing the truth about what you eat.

  • Cancer cells are feeding on sugar.

  • Medication for diabetics is working for cancer patients.

  • It’s time to dump the refined sugar, refined flour and other simple carbs to prevent and beat cancer.

Dr. Ming Yin reported in The Oncologist in November of 2013, a meta-analysis of 20 papers involving over 13,000 patients. The research concluded that metformin helps increase survival rates in cancer patients that have type 2 diabetes better than plasma glucose-reducing drugs. Glucose is definitely the primary fuel for cancer cells. This proves that lowering sugar and blood glucose levels increase surviving and decrease the risk of cancer. But instead, they are using a medication with so many side effects, and chemo and radiation are even worse. Instead, we should do these things.

  • Stop eating sugar and anything that turns to sugar.

  • You should eat only moderate to low amounts of protein.

  • Use natural supplements that will bring your blood glucose levels down.

Listed are some of the dietary supplements that may help with blood glucose levels.

  • Alpha Lipoic Acid: 300 mg/day

  • Vitamin B6: 100 mg/day

  • Berberine: 400-500 mg/day

  • Cinnamon: 1 gram/day

  • Genugreek: daily supplement of 15 g of powdered fenugreek seed will reduce the blood glucose levels after meals.

Isn’t this a much better alternative than finding yourself with cancer? Just think how much healthier we will all be without all that sugar! Maybe it’s time for those oncologists to start apologizing to the cancer patients and their families. They’ve finally been proven wrong!

 – Dr Fredda Branyon

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