Is Online Therapy Worth It?

The pandemic has taken a toll on the mental health of the majority of people. Besides being unable to live life normally, people cannot meet their support systems in person, deal with financial or emotional stress. They may experience difficulties with the people they live with. Because of this, online therapy sessions have become increasingly popular, which comes with its set of perks and challenges.

Advantages of Online TherapyIs Online Therapy Worth It? Image

  1. Cost-effective

Some online therapy sessions can cost about the same as an average in-person session, but you get to save on time and gas money driving there. Many online payment schemes have made online therapy more accessible to people who need the help but can only pay it off slowly. Some websites offer a subscription-based model that can save you money on paying per session.

  1. Safe and Remote

Driving back and forth can be risky for some patients. With the pandemic forcing people to stay at home, it is much more convenient to talk to a professional online. Just like online classes or online work meetings, online therapy allows you to talk to your therapist through the screen.

  1. Some services are available 24/7

The advantage of living in the new age of technology is getting quick access to all the help you need. Some online therapy services allow you to contact help in real-time. So if you’re having a late-night crisis or early morning breakdown, you can simply pull out your phone and have someone instantly respond to your distress and walk you through what you’re feeling.

Disadvantages of Online Therapy

  1. The feeling could be a little different

The medium itself can make things feel disingenuous. People want to disclose sensitive information in person. It’s just more comfortable like that. But if you’re sitting in front of a screen, it could almost feel like you’re talking to yourself. The personal warmth or human element is not present, which can hinder someone from disclosing everything they’re comfortable with saying.

  1. Connectivity issues

The internet or your device can crash any second for no apparent reason. This interruption can irritate you and may affect your therapist’s objective assessment. In-person therapy flows a lot smoother.

Is Online Therapy Worth It?

Online therapy is not self-help. It is conducted by real-life professionals that are licensed and experienced. Most people who prefer it find it preferable over in-person therapy, especially considering the times we live in. They get the help that they need and can stay in the comfort of their own homes.

However, this is also not for everyone. Some people would rather open up in a personal environment, which is completely valid as well. If you would rather talk to somebody in person, check out therapy clinics that work at half capacity. Just make sure to follow all safety protocols. 

But if the online world is something you are comfortable with, online therapy is worth a shot to understand your emotions fully from a professional’s standpoint.