Increase Heart Disease Awareness This February

heartbeatA good heart and good health really should be our possessions most prized. After all, life is a gift. The thing is, it is usually only when something unforeseen or unfortunate happens that we remember to treasure our health. More than our biological muscle, our heart signifies spirit, strength, vitality, happiness, hope, love, life, vibrancy and energy. Although many routines in our lives are important, none carry as much weight if our health gives way. This February is heart disease awareness month and becoming aware of what we can do to prevent heart attacks is a good place to start.

The leading cause of death in the USA is currently heart disease. This is something that not many people are aware of. Research reveals that there are over a million people sufferers of coronary heart disease in the United States each year. The best protection you can have against this really is prevention. After all, you don’t want to be just another statistic. February is heart disease awareness month and there is no better time to be aware of what you can do to prevent yourself from developing any form of heart disease.

The Hardest Working Organ

The heart is the body’s most hardworking organ as it works to pump blood into each artery in your body. The heart provides nutrients and oxygen by pumping blood throughout your physical body, thus sustaining life. When atherosclerosis occurs, which is hardening of the arteries, coronary heart disease is the result. What happens is that when you develop hardened arteries, oxygen cannot be sent back to the heart as the arteries are blocked. The death of tissues then begin when blood is blocked which causes a heart attack that is damaging to the heart. Over a quarter per cent of Americans have heart disease risk factors and this increases the chances of your becoming a statistic. Ethnicity, gender and age as well as other risk factors cannot be changed. However, the one factor you can control is your eating habits.

The Role of Whole Food

One heart disease risk factor is also cholesterol. This is a powdery, white substance that is found in food groups that are animal-based such as dairy products and meat. Body functions do require some cholesterol, but too much is unhealthy. Keep levels of your cholesterol low by sticking to a whole food diet such as whole grains, vegetables and fruits. Keep animal product intake to a minimum.

High blood pressure also increases your risk of having a heart attack. Regular blood pressure by eating vegetables and fruits. These food groups contain many antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients that help in regulating your blood pressure. When you are suffering from high blood pressure, make sure that with every meal you include vegetables and fruits.

Get in touch with your health care practitioner to learn more about heart disease and the risk factors involved. Reduce your risks starting today by changing your diet.   Taking small, easy steps to implement health improvement is the best way to help prevent heart disease and at the same time, increasing your energy tremendously.

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