Icky Germs

Germs and Microbes

What do you suppose is the germiest thing in your house? We always keep counters wiped down and dishes clean, but are you doing it right? Using that same sponge or rag spreads more icky germs than anything. Bacteria are picked up and need to be cleaned right away and cloths replaced often. Use cloths, towels and rags that you can toss away or wash in the washing machine.

Not only can you be getting germs from someone sneezing, but you can pick them up if your hand lands on anything (doorknob, etc) and then touches your eyes, nose or mouth.

Germs travel faster than you think! Would you believe at 100 miles an hour? That’s right! Stay at least 6 feet away from someone who’s sick.

Then there’s that cell phone. It actually carries more germs than a toilet seat and you hold it to your mouth all day. It has 10 times more bacteria than toilet seats. Just don’t share your phone and you shouldn’t have to worry too much.

You spread 80 million germs when locking lips with your partner. It takes only 10 seconds to trade with them. But, on the bright side, if you lock lips with the same person several times a day, you’ll end up sharing similar germs.

Frogs, turtles, snakes or iguanas can carry salmonella. Be sure to wash your hands after you tough any of these pets. And remember, kids put fingers in their mouths all day long….and do they wash them?

It isn’t true that chlorine keeps pools germ free. Most germs die in an hour if the chemicals are at the right levels, but some can live for days. Swallowing even a little of that water could make you sick. Keep pee, poop, dirt and sweat out of the water and shower before you take a dip and do NOT go in if you have diarrhea.

If you have to cough, use your elbow or upper sleeve. Just keep those germs to yourself and the best way is to put a tissue over your mouth and then throw in away.

Germs are itsy-bitsy things that are way too small to see, but are invaders of living things. They get into plants, animals and people, and might make you sick.

The old 3 to 5-second rule of eating food dropped on the floor is a myth. Food may still make you sick when picked up and eaten after dropping on the floor.

Then there’s that icky stuff in the kitchen sink. Be sure to wash it once or twice really good with a cleaner than gets rid of germs. A teaspoon of bleach in a quart of water tossed down your drain and disposal once a month will help. Don’t forget those sink strainers. Pop them in your dishwasher every week.

If you are told antibacterial soap is the best weapon against germs…..No. The fancy stuff helps but plain old liquid soap is the best. Germs can grow on a bar of soap.

Washing your hands should take 20 seconds to complete. A quick rinse doesn’t cut it to rid yourself of germs. Use warm water and soap and rub together while singing “Happy Birthday”. That takes about 20 seconds!

Now that you know all about the rights and wrongs of daily life, get out there and enjoy yourself. Oops, be sure to take that Kleenex and avoid touching anything!! Just kidding. Enjoy yourself.

Img c/o Pixabay.