I am back!

I am back!


I think sometimes we all allow our emotions to get the better of us, or at least I do. Things do not always go the way we think they should or wish they would. Sometimes you do the best you can for someone and you realize that they do not even seem to appreciate it. You work ‘over-time’ anytime your boss asks, and you don’t even get a thank you. Worse yet, when you get your pay check, you find that taxes ate up your extra money. You make sure there are no extra lights on in the house because you are desperately trying to save money, but darn, you just had a flat tire and had to spend that saved dollar on a new tire.We quickly realize that life just isn’t fair. We work so hard at trying to do good but sometimes it feels no one else cares. We allow ourselves to get in that emotional funk that lowers our energy and guess what? It can lower our immune system. We become victims of our own doing.

Well, that is the victim mentality. I know. I am great at it! I am just coming out of one of those episodes. I have been working very hard, traveling which is no piece of cake, not sleeping well, and I have to admit, not eating well. I have allowed the stress of it all to get to me. I have not done the first exercise because I will tell you straight out, I’m too tired, I’ll do it tomorrow. Whoa is me. See what I mean, I had once again become the victim of a life style that I got caught up in.

I forgot to “stop and smell the roses.” Better said for my case, I forgot to be me. I worked so hard at working hard, I allowed my immune system to weaken and I have had a very bad head cold. No fun! Thank goodness for Kleenex and a good friend to point out what I had allowed myself to get into…an emotional suss-pool that led to an immune break-down.

After I finished wallowing in my emotional pity party with my stuffed-up head with a nose that ran 55 miles per hour, I realized that I had forgotten about some of the things I love doing the most. Things like writing little articles for this site. I love educating the public. So I am back!!

One good thing from this episode is that it made me realize how great it feels not to be down and sick. It reminded me of the reason I love writing my little articles, so that I can help others. Yes, I just mentioned how it hurts me sometimes when I do not feel appreciated when I work so hard, but I have to remember all the ones who do show their appreciation. I also have to remember that some people just do not know how to say thank you but they may still feel it.

I am bearing my heart because I know there are some of you that feel the same way. It’s ok to have these feelings but it’s not ok to keep them tucked inside. We have a tough enough time in today’s world to keep our immune system at it’s best. We need to lighten up on ourselves and work at becoming happier.

Winter is coming. I am preparing research to write about possible ways to stay on top of things to keep our immune system healthy. I do not want the flu or another cold or any sickness to come my way again. If it does however, I want my immune system to attack it before I realized it was there.

Thank you for hanging in there with me!!

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