How to Keep Your Nails Healthy

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Both men and women alike can appreciate the appeal of clean, attractive nails. Having healthy fingernails and toenails speaks volume about your ability to take care of yourself. After all, if you can manage to keep them tidy despite your everyday tasks, then that probably means you take proper care of yourself, right?

That being said, do you think you’re taking proper care of your nails? A single look at your fingernails and toenails should be able to give you an answer. For instance, healthy nails should be smooth, without grooves and ridges. There should be no splits or discoloration, nor any inflammation. Healthy nails are uniform in color.

This uniformity in color says can say a lot about your physical health. For example, bluish nails can indicate that your body is not getting enough oxygen. On the other hand, pale nails can signify anemia, while yellow nails may mean you have a fungal infection. If you see a black streak that is running under your fingernails, then you should immediately go to the doctor.

So if your nails look normal enough and do not indicate that you have a disease or a condition you should readily address, what’s the next step? Here are other things you can do to keep your nails as healthy as can be.

      • Clip your nails
        Long nails are prone to breakage. They can also hamper your typing and snag fabrics, among other things. Oftentimes, people even find scratches on their person, only to realize that they accidentally caused the mark and their nails caused the damage in the first place.To avoid as such, keep your nails trimmed. Cut your nails across, then curve the edges gently. After clipping, use a nail file to file them in a single direction.
    • Keep them clean
      While the sight of grime and dirt on the nailbed can be so unsightly, you should be more focused on the amount of bacteria you could be harboring on your fingers. To avoid such, make sure you frequently and thoroughly wash your hands and scrub in between your fingers. Dry your hands afterwards. Do this regularly and you’ll prevent bacteria from growing under your toenails and fingernails.
      • Moisturize
        Cuticles can be pretty annoying, but you do have to take care of them too! Now, they may not be as soft as the rest of your skin, but they can benefit from moisturizers too. Use hand creams that can soften cuticles while at the same time providing your skin with proper moisture. Likewise, you can even use petroleum jelly as an inexpensive ointment at night.A pro-tip: use lotions and moisturizers during daytime while you’re up and about and when you don’t want to feel sticky. Then, apply petroleum jelly or other inexpensive ointments on your hands and fingers as you sleep at night.
    • Protect
      Finally, we do understand the need to keep your home and office clean. Unfortunately, the harsh chemicals from liquid detergents and other cleaning solutions can seriously damage your nails and the rest of your skin. To avoid this, ensure that you’re wearing gloves whenever you’re about to handle chemicals that can be harmful to your skin. This way, you can thoroughly scour your home without having to damage your nails and compromise your health in the process.

Having pretty nails is more than just for aesthetics – it’s for your health too. With these tips, you’re hopefully on your way to having beautiful and healthy nails.

img c/o pixabay

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